January 20, 2011

Shrine of Aquarius

Happy Sun in Aquarius!  The above photo is the Shrine of Aquarius, located in the Sanctuary of the Foundation Center Temple.  It honors the Goddesses Uzumi, Tara, Maria and Kwan Yin.

Here is the voice of Olivia Robertson, during a Fellowship of Isis ritual drama, as she describes the mystery of Aquarius:

(Link will open and play with the audio software you have designated for MP3 files - it is 1:50 min./430kb.)

Olivia says:  "Contemplate the 2 wavy "W's" of Aquarius and we see that they resonate against each other, in a sort of polarity - two forces.  Now, listen to the Priestess and we'll go dreamy: "we see a winged Goddess holding a mighty urn, from which pours a stream of life forms of which we can discern fishes, animals, plants, rocks, elementals, humans.  A laughing God behind the Goddess draws power upon them with his trident. Look at this - imagine the most beautiful Goddess you can imagine with mighty wings and she has this urn, and imagine all life forms, even the oddest, you know - lizards, insects, fear viruses, crystals, giraffes, weird creatures from other planets.  We could go on looking at this stream of life forever.  All sorts of fabled creatures are here, which exist somewhere, or we wouldn't have thought of them.  Look.  And as we are, we see a God behind her drawing power, sharing it with her, with his trident.  And that trident also seems to have a meaning. The positive and negative forces are held together by the central spike, as it were.  And we gaze upon the stars of Aquarius, set in the Sea of Heaven.  Know that the ancients wanted us to see these visions, so they attached these visions to the constellations, that we may attain Stellar Consciousness."

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(Photo by Minette Quick, cropped and enhanced.  Wooden panels behind altar were carved by William Morris. Photos & audio files on this blog are copyrighted.)