January 30, 2011

Ra-Herut in Fellowship of Isis Temple

From Olivia Robertson, via the Most Rev. Minette Quick


This Sphinx has as Mystery the Riddle of the Inner Sun:

“What is it that warms without burning,
That shines from the darkness
That is nowhere and everywhere?
Who answers this riddle
Has answered My Secret."

The Sphinx is between the Shrine of Kwan Yin of Compassion and the High Altar of Isis of Truth.

Minette writes: "Olivia is thrilled with Ra-Herut the female Sphinx, whom she 'created' in the past couple of days and wanted you all to have immediately! As you will see she has been having a wonderful time adding to the Shrine of Kwan Yin which now has a number of delightful new touches, lots of green etc. and I have sent you the full-sized versions because she and I had a lot of fun seeing all the details on my camera when I blew them up fully to check the focus on them over lunch yesterday. She invites you to look at the wonderful 'Green Man' on the chair beside the High Altar which is visible on the Ra-Herut close-up. The Kwan Yin one yields lovely views of Sekhmet and the head of Bast visible in the Her Shrine behind the stained glass division. She points out that there are two Solar details also and she loves all the close-ups of things which people don't really see just glancing even on a visit to the Temple. Enjoy!"

Click to see full-sized photo of: Ra-Herut

Click to see full-sized photo of: Kwan Yin Shrine

Archival link:  Ra-Herut in Temple