January 13, 2021

Excerpt from "The Call of Isis"

From the "The Call of Isis" by Olivia Robertson:

"So it is only by analogy that one may imagine the domain of the Inner Sun. We are given words such as 'building the solar body.' But I feel that the solar body is there for all of us: we have rather to strengthen the rainbow bridge that joins our souls to our Spirit. How may we do this?

Strangely enough, in this most active area of the Inner Sun, we must at last surrender activity. In order to transcend limitation, we must give up the barriers we ourselves have built in order to protect our own developing originality. For the surrender to the Light prematurely is to suffer the fate of Semele, and be burnt by too great a glory. One needs, as the earth does, one's protective veil of blue atmosphere, one's shell of personality.

One is encouraged in approaching the Initiation of the Sun, by seeing the bright form of one who has attained the Light. Once I was awakened in the morning by just a vision. Eyes open, heart full of wonder, I saw standing at the foot of my bed a figure made of golden light. He was self-luminous and shone like the sun. And the glory came from love.  Others have had a like experience. And this Solar body also belongs to ourselves, our true greater selves, if we will only allow ourselves to be conscious of it.

Yet this consciousness comes from self-forgetting. The constrictions of self fall away and, like the butterfly we immerge from the chrysalis of what was once our whole world. We are like newborn babies when we first awaken into Cosmic Consciousness. We lose nothing; rather we gain the harvest of many lives. We touch on the experiences of our own spiritual group.

We have the Universe before us - Temple of the Stars."

(© Window Shrine, Foundation Center Temple by Minette Quick; 'Call of Isis' excerpt by Olivia Robertson; copyrights reserved)

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