December 13, 2019

Audio: Divine Alchemy

Click below to listen to an audio clip of Olivia Robertson speaking in a past rite:

(mp3 / 1:00 min / 233 kb)

Audio transcript:
"There is a polluted river of grief and rage and every emotion flowing deep below our everyday awareness. Freud described this as the Unconscious.  It works through group telepathy and poisons families, races, religions.  We need bravery to allow this river to flow openly through us - not to block it, because we ourselves are creating it.  Only by facing evil can we perform the Divine Alchemy of transforming hate into love, fear into faith, violence into peace. So shall we cleanse our world from our own nightmares.  When even one of us does this, the poisonous river of death becomes the cleansing river of tears and so reaches the sky, drawn upwards to the sun, and rains upon us, the pure waters of Life."

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