October 8, 2019

Honor to Tiamat

Listen to Olivia Robertson invoking the Goddess Tiamat in a past rite:

Audio transcript (mp3 / 1:33 min / 1.4mb):  
"We need the aid of Tiamat Who holds the Tablets of Fate, to gain Wisdom and Love through knowledge of the stars.  I offer incense to the She who is the Dragon Goddess of our Galaxy.  I invoke the Goddess Tiamat! Hear the words written on clay tablets of Babylon about the Creation:

'When in the height Heaven was not named,
And the earth beneath did not yet bear a name;
And Apsu the Primaeval Who begat them,
And Chaos, Tiamat, the Mother of them both -
Their waters were mingled together, and
No field was formed, no marsh was to be seen;
When of the Deities None had been called into being,
And None bore a name, and no destinies were ordained;
Then were created the Gods, all Goddesses;
Aeons were increased; and Tiamat was Mother of them all!'

"Thou Who art the Beginning of Creation, Mistress of Magic, Mighty Dragon, Mother of all, aid us in our search for Wisdom and for Love. For only from our own origin, the matriarchal Goddess, may we understand the Universe of which we are a part."


Photo comments by Minette Quick: "This chapel of the non-zodiac Stars is centre of our Temple Labyrinth. The main altar of the Goddess Ishtar of the 8-pointed star, Lady of 15, shows a 'Mirror of Hathor', which reflects the soul's dreams. Ishtar is painted on the surface and Her Lover, Tammuz, Shepherd of the Starry Flocks is shown above the mystic mirror. The Goddess Tiamat of Space is painted with outspread wings on the altar frontal."

(© From the book "Psyche" by Olivia Robertson; Quote from the Enuma Elish, trans. L.W. King; Temple art by Olivia; altar photo by Minette Quick Foundation Center; audio by the FOI Homepage Archive; all copyrights reserved)

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