April 20, 2019

Sun in Taurus

Blessings of the Sun in Taurus! The Shrine of Taurus at the Foundation Center honors Native American Deities.  Kachinas (unseen below) were donated by Hopi elders and the Golden Eagle was carved by David Durdin-Robertson. The artwork on the lower left is White Buffalo Calf Woman and the one above the altar is the Goddess Maya, both by Olivia Robertson.  She describes her vision of Maya here:

(mp3 file/208 kb/52 sec.)

Audio transcript:
"Hear now the vision of the Goddess Maya, told by Olivia:  I saw with amazement, a Goddess and Her body was made with crystallized copper light.  I've seen beings made of crystallized gold and silver, but this was copper.  She sat - I've never seen anyone like that in feature - she sat crossed-legged and Her face was turned over Her right shoulder.  Later I've seen pictures of Mayan people and She had exactly that profile.   Her hair was raven-colored and hung behind.  She was a mighty Being of glory, from the stars. . ."

(Shrine of Taurus by M.E.K., photo and audio copyright reserved.)

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