January 26, 2018

Book Highlight: Isis of Fellowship

"Isis of Fellowship, How the Fellowship of Isis was Founded" was written by Olivia Robertson in 2002. From the Foreword:

"In my 85th year, I feel the time has come for me honestly to describe how my brother, his wife and myself founded the Fellowship of Isis. This is a question I am so often asked and as often brush the query aside with a recommendation to read our Manifesto, study the Liturgy or join a centre! What I have avoided as a matter of principle is to be personal. I had encapsuled my personal experiences within a framework of ideas in my book 'The Call of Isis'. I refused to write an autobiography. I wished to give the rest of my life to promoting the Fellowship: not on encouraging a cult of personality, bugbear of our media-crazed society."
This book relates how each aspect of the Fellowship of Isis came into being as Olivia Robertson personally experienced it. An original Oracle and illustration begins each of the nine chapters, which include: 1) Foundation: The Throne of Isis, 2) Return of the Priestess, 3) The College of Isis Revived, 4) Spirals of Light, 5) Dana's Land of Immortality, 6) Ladies and Knights of the Green Earth, 7) The Goddess Has New Helpers, 8) Isis Prophetis, and 9) The Muses Symposium.
This book is available for purchase worldwide:  FOI Online Bookstore
You may also read the entire Foreword here:  Isis of Fellowship Foreword