November 21, 2017

Sun in Sagittarius

The Shrine of Sagittarius, Foundation Center Temple
"Presided over by The Morrigan, Queen of All Rivers at Full Flow,
all Springs and Wells, She is the Virgin Source – the Baive.
Her husband is The Dagda Mor, Chief of the Danaans
She is also An Cailleach, the Widow, She Who Weeps.
Where Her Daughter, a tributary, joins her,
a Goddess Centre is traditionally established.
The Castle is on the Banks of the River Derry,
which is a tributary of the ‘River of Healing’- the Slaney.
The FOI as a Daughter of the Goddess
has established the ‘New Awakening’
and dedicated it as the Druid Clan of Dana,
based in the Druid Grove
in the Wilderness in the grounds of the Castle."

(Written in May 2013 by Olivia Robertson and Minette Quick, photo copyright MEK.)