January 25, 2017

Audio: Turn to the good, the real

Click to listen to Olivia Robertson in a past FOI ritual:
(mp3 / .48 sec / 380kb)

Audio transcript:
"Why dwell on evil, or anything unpleasant at all?  Ignore it. Turn to the good, the Real.  Life is but a fleeting shadow where we learn experience.  Fix our souls from Heaven and nothing can touch us, and we bless all those whose lives touch ours.  We heal, not through gazing upon the injury - the psychological sickness - but rather see the person as whole and well.  And so they become, for we acknowledge the Divine in them, offspring of the Deities."

Archival link:
Fellowship of Isis Audio Gallery

(photo of Olivia Robertson at the Foundation Center Temple by M. Quick; audio mp3 from the FOI Homepage. All copyrights reserved)