December 9, 2016

Nuit of the Milky Way

"Nuit of the Milky Way" by Olivia Robertson is now available in paperback. Olivia wrote in the introduction: 
"In these rites, the Apprentices working for these final degrees I call Elaine and Aiden, the Questing Twins. Their Guide, adopting various guises, is the Shaman Time Traveller – Hermes – Merlin – Ariadne – Odin – who guides those of us who long for spiritual adventure. The Questing Twins' journey is to have a Vision Quest through the starry portals of the zodiac, inspired by the given Oracle from 'Sybil.' Within their own chosen shrine they enter trance, under the guidance of their own Priestly Alchemical Teacher. The alchemical answer brought through the Mysteries of Isis, and other transforming Goddesses, comes from the Motherhood of the Goddess."
This book may be ordered through Amazon (or any other bookstore), and public libraries as well.  You may also read it in full at any time in the Online Library section of our website.

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