March 13, 2016

The Many Voices of Isis

"The Many Voices of Isis, Oracles of Alchemy" is now available in paperback.  This is the companion volume to "Sibyl, Oracles of the Goddess"  and it includes the 114 remaining Oracles from the Fellowship of Isis Liturgy, as well as 10 chapter illustrations, all by co-founder Olivia Robertson.
She writes in the introduction: "How may we achieve what is required of us? The Oracles have returned to aid us. The Oracle used to be the medium through which the Deities were able to inspire, animate and bring to fruition the latent gifts of those who came to them. Their mighty role, as the Roman Sybils, affected the whole of Roman civilization. Oracles were the life-flow of all great religious teachings on earth. . .I am beginning to realise that this is a wonderful time of Great Awakening! Not only Star children are born among us, but we ourselves find that the barrier that separates us from heaven is dissolving."
This book may be ordered through Amazon (or any other bookstore), and is available through libraries as well.  You may also read it in full at any time in the Online Library section of our website.

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