March 24, 2016

From Minette Quick

Minette Quick shares the above photo and writes:

"We had a lovely gathering for the 40th Anniversary which truly celebrated the spirit of the Co-Founders of the Fellowship and many members joined us in a varied programme which included many memorable moments of beautiful ceremony, some special talks, and the opening of a Memorial Grove of sessile oaks. It was a time for sharing many fascinating and happy memories and hearing from a number of members from the wider family of their early experiences in the years leading up to the Foundation of the Fellowship which were quite delightful. Many thanks are due to all for their participation and contribution to the whole weekend."

(Isis Banner by Pamela Currey, copyright M. Quick.)

40th Anniversary Report

Dorn Simon-Sinnott has kindly shared her report about the FOI's 40th's Anniversary celebration, which took place at the Foundation Center on March 19th and 20th.  You may read it here:

(photo of FOI Foundation Center, copyright reserved)

FOI Retreat 2016

The Nativity of the Goddess Isis
26-28 August 2016

From Caitlín Matthews:
"Fellowship of Isis 40th Anniversary Retreat. Hosted by Caitlín Matthews of the Lyceum of Domus Sophiae Terrae, with Cáit Branigan, Cressida Pryor, and with special guests members of FOI."

See the link below for full details:

March 20, 2016

Olivia speaks about the Fellowship of Isis

In further celebration of the FOI's 40th anniversary, please listen to Olivia Robertson as she speaks about the FOI, as she saw it in 1991:
(mp3/2:00 mins/938 kb)
Audio transcription:
“You may now want to know something about the Fellowship of Isis.  It was founded in 1976 by my brother, his wife Pamela, and myself, and this is, this date in a way when you'll be listening, is 1991 and now we have over 10,500 members in 69 countries.  And people want to know - how do we manage this?  The answer is simple.  We are all in rapport in the inner planes.  There is a rainbow circulation of light and friendliness between all our countries.  So it doesn't matter what religion you belong to.  We have people who are Catholics, Protestants, Buddhists, Hindu, every type of tradition, united.  Now people, some people may say - isn't this eclectic?   The answer is yes, but we only have this blending when there is something we all share in common.  For instance, we all share the Sun in common.  We all share the sign Sagittarius, if you who belong to that.  In other words, people all over the earth, look up at the sky and they see the Great Bear and some people say "oh it's a bear" and other people think it's a cooking pot, or a chariot - but - they are all influenced by looking at it.  They share it.  If you drew it on the sand in any country in the world, in any time - Ancient Egypt, China, nowadays, they'd all recognize the seven stars of the Great Bear, even if they had different traditions about it.  So our aim in our Magi Degree course is to take Mars for instance, and find what everybody thinks about the red planet.  There is a similarity, we noticed that, and there are differences, but getting together all these in a kaleidoscope, has been very rewarding.”

(photo of Olivia Robertson by Minette Quick, copyright reserved.)

March 19, 2016

Happy Anniversary Fellowship of Isis!

A very happy 40th anniversary to the Fellowship of Isis!  Please join us by gathering around your own altars and saying the FOI credo:

“We grow from the Earth
And we share Her fruits.
We fly with bright wings
And we reach the stars.
We are Immortal with All That Is.
Evoe Isis!”

(Credo by Olivia Robertson, photo of Fellowship of Isis Foundation Center, copyright reserved.) 

Video of Olivia and Lawrence

This video was first broadcast in January of 1976. It is a bit “sensationalized” to appeal to the masses, but a wonderful look at Olivia and Lawrence Durdin-Robertson just before they founded the Fellowship of Isis in March of that same year.

(With many thanks to Raidió Teilifís Éireann for their kind permission to create video still images and share the video, copyright reserved, please do not reproduce.)

March 13, 2016

The Many Voices of Isis

"The Many Voices of Isis, Oracles of Alchemy" is now available in paperback.  This is the companion volume to "Sibyl, Oracles of the Goddess"  and it includes the 114 remaining Oracles from the Fellowship of Isis Liturgy, as well as 10 chapter illustrations, all by co-founder Olivia Robertson.
She writes in the introduction: "How may we achieve what is required of us? The Oracles have returned to aid us. The Oracle used to be the medium through which the Deities were able to inspire, animate and bring to fruition the latent gifts of those who came to them. Their mighty role, as the Roman Sybils, affected the whole of Roman civilization. Oracles were the life-flow of all great religious teachings on earth. . .I am beginning to realise that this is a wonderful time of Great Awakening! Not only Star children are born among us, but we ourselves find that the barrier that separates us from heaven is dissolving."
This book may be ordered through Amazon (or any other bookstore), and is available through libraries as well.  You may also read it in full at any time in the Online Library section of our website.

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March 8, 2016

Solar eclipse blessings

To help mark the solar eclipse, here is audio of Olivia Robertson as the Oracle of Hathor:

(MP3 / 1:36mins / 379kb)

Audio transcript:

"The sun is our Heaven, yours and Mine. Every dawn you see it rise and it culminates, and then it appears to leave you, sinking in the West. But in reality it is always there, awaiting you. For all of you are children of the sun. Your solar bodies are hidden in earthly flesh, as the sun is hidden during an eclipse. It is through your solar bodies of light and warmth that you hear not only the voices of those attuned to you on earth, but you also begin to receive words from the whole Company of Heaven. Your vision extends to seeing the divine form of myriad-colored Deities, and your minds are enabled to understand their spiritual teachings. Listen then for the voices of the Goddesses and Gods, and allow your vision to accept their presence. When the sun shines at day you do the works of earth: but when the outer sun is hidden in night, then is it time for your souls to awaken. The solar Spirit that shines in each of you and in all beings shines forth in glory!"


(Drawing by Olivia Robertson: "The Inner Sun", copyright reserved)

March 1, 2016

March Oracles: Isis and Osiris

"Feel my presence in every breeze,
in the flowing of water,
in sudden flashes of joy."
The Goddess Isis and the God Osiris are featured in this month's Oracle, along with audio of Olivia Robertson. Click on the link below to read and listen:

Oracles of Isis and Osiris
(photo by Dennis Murphy from the Logic Reality DVD "Olivia Robertson, Priestess of Isis", copyright reserved.)