February 3, 2016

From Cressida Pryor: Imbolc Letter

Dear Friends,

I delighted yesterday in taking a walk and admiring the view, admittedly in growing twilight but a few minutes before five in the evening...and long for the afternoon to fully reclaim this time again as her own...the days are slowly drawing out...

We are however meeting often unwelcome strangers in the guise of Desmond, Eva, Frank, Gertrude and now Henry; the storms that have brought devastation to many homes and lives...surely climate change deniers are hushed?

So now we light candles, and rejoice in Imbolc’s stirring of new life... Seamus Heaney paints with words the magical time after stepping through Beloved Brigid’s rope girdle:

They could feel the February air
Still soft above their heads and imagine
The limp rope fray and flare like wind-born gleanings
Or an unhindered goldfinch over ploughland.

This is a time to hold the hope and promise of spring as lightly as the tiny feathers in the finch’s wings, spread open, hovering through soft February air...

Leading us to the door that now stands ajar in preparation for the 40th Anniversary celebrations...the time is beckoning and plans are made. Whether you are able to come to Huntington or remain closer to home I hope you will find time to give thanks for those times, the Divine inspiration, the struggles, the vision and the spirit of the Foundation Centre and the Founders and all those who bring the Fellowship to life and fruition...to give thanks and celebrate what has been and what will be...

With thanks to you all, love and blessings,

FOI Letters and Correspondence