June 16, 2015

Shrine of Dana

The painting directly over the altar is of the Goddess Dana, as seen in a vision by Olivia Robertson in 1952. On left, ‘Mari of the Mists’ of the Atlantic Ocean,  Daughter of Manannan Mac Lir. Statuette of Dana, Mother of All the Gods and Goddesses of Ireland and Her Beloved Daughter Bride of the Well; Aengus Og, God of Love and Joy with his Birds. Altar Front: New Moon over Mt. Leinster.  Left of Shrine, Painting of Fionnuala and the Swan of Lir. Right of Shrine, Etaine and Midir, Sidhe.  Windows – Left Osiris and His Son the Younger Horus, Right – Isis with Her Daughter the Younger Hathor.  All painted by Olivia Robertson.

(photo taken at the FOI Foundation Center, copyright M. Quick)

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