May 18, 2015

Highlighted book: The Call of Isis

From "The Call of Isis", by Olivia Robertson: 
"When one surveys the condition of the earth, threatened by global war, planetary pollution, the possibility of a beautiful change dawning on earth seems remote! But the physical world is created through the action of mind; and the mind is capable of fantastic change when its environment is threatened...
"How can we as individuals co-operate with this great work? It is best, I feel, for like-minded people to combine into meditation circles. No special temple is needed: any room may be used in a friend's house. And for private daily meditation, one can set aside even a corner of a room for one's spiritual attunement with Divinity. And through this habitual focussing of awareness, inspiration will come. Of course inspiration varies with each one of us: one may surprise oneself by developing an unexpected talent. Instead of specializing in one particular form of work or gift, one may discover pleasure in painting, writing, singing, dancing and modelling clay: and one need not mind about a lack of proficiency!
"To evolve spiritually, it is essential to extend one's field of awareness. Once inhibiting self-consciousness is cast aside, latent talents may flower gloriously.  As a growth of consciousness takes place, small groups join larger ones, who tend to seek a beautiful area in which to live together. In such centres humans live in harmony with animals, birds, trees and plants, with the spirit of Nature Herself. A network of such centres may bring about a wonderful transformation of our earth. For in the depth of each one of us is a longing to live happily with all that springs from the source of Divine Life.
"Life does not limit itself to form or time or space. It is eternal, ever-conscious, all-pervading. In unity with this, we realize the joy of immortality, and are in harmony with all that is."
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