April 22, 2015

Earth Day

Happy Earth Day Aset Shemsu!  In honor of the day, as well as for the upcoming Beltane, we are sharing this writing by Olivia Robertson:

"At last I have found this, in relationship with the beings we call Faeries – Devas – Nature Spirits – The Sidhe – Genie. Human interaction with these spirits has been as cruel as our relationship with indigenous races – a fatal impact for both “civilized” nations and those living nearer to untechnological nature. There is fear and exploitation.
Relating this to the psychic spheres, I note that magicians claim to practice total power over elemental spirits. They order them around. . . We are busy destroying our planet and thus injuring nature spirits. In the past occultists claimed a sovereignty over every creature, animal or spirit by obtaining the favour of some greater spirit – whether celestial (good – white) or infernal (black – bad.) This leads to the most savage of all wars – religious fear, leading to violence. We have turned from universal Divine Harmony to good God fighting bad god (devil). This leads to paranoia, madness, even suicide. There is the ultimate horror of being trapped by such delusions after physical death.
My own understanding is this. We humans courageously choose to follow our own biological evolution, gaining the experience of gaining an individual soul through many lives throughout the evolutionary span.
However, the spirits of the elements have their own evolution as they advance through the psychic elements of consciousness. If a faery starts with air – mind, it adds earth – practicality, fire – vitality, water – emotion, and the fifth element, ether – spirit. As the faery progresses, it grows in size. But what delights me is that when the Sidhe – Devas – Faeries – win the fifth element, they are our equals. For though humans have individual souls gained through ages of struggle, these friends have a spiritual quality that brings joy, laughter and friendship. We can share a joke, harder to do with a Goddess! . . .
Now the veil between the faery realm and ours is thinning, and a new Humanity is being born, some are permitted to see Isis Unveiled. . . Deities, faeries and humans are all part of the family of the Mother Goddess of countless species, which includes spirits and bioforms; stars and crystals; galaxies and atoms. We all matter."
("The Faery Fates" artwork and article by Olivia Robertson, copyright reserved.)