March 4, 2015

Isidis Navigium

Lawrence Durdin-Robertson writes in the book, "Juno Covella":
        Egyptian: ISIS; The Ploiaphesia, Navigium Isidis, The Ship of Isis. (Seyffert, Diet.) "Isis . . the festival, held on the 5th of March is called the ship of Isis (Isidis Navigium), in recognition of her being the patron of navigation and inventress of the sail".  Also: "Isis addresses Apuleius: 'The eternal laws of religion devote to my worship the day born of this night. Tomorrow my priests offer me the first-fruits of the new sailing season by dedicating a ship to me; for at this season the storms of winter lose their force, the leaping waves subside and the sea becomes navigable once more'.  (Apuleius, Met. XI)"
Photo of "The Ship of Isis" painting by Olivia Robertson, Foundation Center Temple, copyright M. Quick.  (cropped and framed)