December 21, 2014

Solstice Sun and New Moon in Capricorn

Blessings of the New Moon and the Solstice Sun in Capricorn! Hear an audio file of Olivia Robertson speaking of the Constellation of Capricorn and the stories behind the stars:

 (mp3/ 90 sec/ 354kb)
 Audio text:
"At Clonegal Castle in Ireland, it is Winter in the constellation of Capricorn. Let us contemplate this mystery of the humble Earth at the far distant stars of Capricorn, which some saw as a sea goat. Teachings given to us by the Magi. For they would ask a simple person: "my friend what is that in the sky?" They would say: 'it's goat's horns.' And the Magus would say, 'I will tell you concerning that goat.' And so the starry book revealed myths not known to astronomers, yet written in the Book of Fate. Despise not the myths of the stars, for they were linked to the simple imagination of humble fellow friends who gazed at the sky and called them names, and the teachings were given. And so their souls were brought nourishment. Let us contemplate the Earth and the constellation of Capricorn. . ."

(Cropped photo by Minette Quick of the Well Chapel of Brigid, Foundation Center Temple, Ireland. This north-east corner is also the Shrine of Capricorn. The well cover was painted by Olivia Robertson and represents the Sidhe of Water and Earth. Audio and photo copyright protected.)