November 12, 2014

Samhain Festival Foundation Center

November 8, 2014. 
Greetings to all Members from Foundation Centre
As we approach the first anniversary
Of the passing of our Co-Founder
Rt. Rev. Olivia Robertson
On November 14th, 2013
The weather had been overcast and blustery with intermittent rain all week but it didn’t prevent us from processing the grounds of the Castle, to invoke Deity at the sacred places where the Druid Clan of Dana and the Noble Order of Tara were created by the Co-Founders of the Fellowship of Isis, before entering the Temple under the watchful eye of Persephone. It was wet underfoot but the sun shone upon the still green beech leaves high up amongst the magnificent tall trunks of the trees in the Druid’s Grove.
Many thanks to Pamela Currey, who as a member of the Durdin-Robertson family takes responsibility for the regular care of the Temple with the assistance of members of the priesthood. Their work continues to ensure that the life within the Temple itself which so inspired the Co-Founders is still palpable and provides a wonderful welcome to all who enter. The energy at Brigid’s Well of Truth, in particular, was incredibly powerful as water was drawn for the customary blessings of all present, a libation having been made to the Goddess of all Waters.
The programme on this occasion was very much cognisant of the legacy left to us all by Olivia, whom so many of us feel honoured to have known personally and spent so much time with. Marian who cared for her so exquisitely during the long months in hospital in Waterford presided on this occasion. At the High Altar we received an Oracle in deep peace from the Goddess Danu, and were enchanted in turn by some beautiful ‘a cappella’ solo singing, a poem inspired by the passing of a close relative, and an African chant which we all learnt and sang in parts led by Marian, but the centre-piece was a short Mystery Play the kernel of which was created by Olivia during her final months, and entrusted to both Marian and Cait who kept careful notes, as she wished it to be performed annually in the Temple at this time.
Many Blessings to you all from Foundation Centre! I haven’t gone into too much detail on this occasion, but you can be assured that the spirit of the Fellowship of Isis is still very much alive here at this time, and we believe that Olivia in closer Fellowship with the Goddess Herself is directing all our paths towards the growth of freedom to express our own inner divinity in love, beauty and truth together and pass it on in this troubled world.
Minette Quick
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(photo of Well of Brigid, Castle Temple, by M. Quick.)