August 5, 2014

Urania, Ceremonial Magic of the Goddess

"Urania: Ceremonial Magic of the Goddess" is the latest of the Fellowship of Isis liturgy now available in paperback. You may find it through Amazon's online bookstore, or ordered through any other bookstore or library.  It is also always available to be read in its entirety for free through our website.
Olivia Robertson writes in the Introduction:
"The glory of Magic is that the Practitioner may attain co-creation with the Deities. The Magic Wand is the paint-brush, the Magic Circle is the canvas and the pigments are living rays. The forms conjured may through Invocation become animated: and causes imagined within the mind may produce effects on many levels through the law of Octaves. . . The wise Practitioner honours the Divinity of Goddesses and Gods, before every Rite by some act, such as the offering of incense. The Deity or Deities are not impersonal archetypes or personified ideals formulated by human beings, but are transcendental Beings who through Their own use of the Archetypes and Virtues, control the Universe through the Angelic Hierarchy. It is wise for the Magician to describe the Deity and the Virtues associated with such a Being, and the work expected of the Devotees. A God and Goddess by very definition must be good, and so have divine attributes. Hence the Practitioner has complete faith both in the Deities and in Guardian Angels and Helpers. The intention of the ceremony must also be good. . . The Rites in this Liturgy are not subjective, though they have subjective elements. The Powers described have been experienced, the visions seen, the effects gained through causes put into operation. And here we have the great division between those who have experienced magic through clairvoyance, clairaudience, levitation, telekinesis, mystical awakening - one or any of these - and those who have not. 'Those who know' cannot prove, cannot explain, cannot convince. All they can do is to provide a rainbow bridge whereby those who long for magical experience may attain some of this alchemical gold, obtained through transmutation of elements from one sphere to another."

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