August 24, 2014

Circle of Brigid Notice - Fellowship of Isis World Map

Notice to all FOI Sites:

It is now 9 months since Olivia's passing, time which seems to have flown by as we deal with her loss. A time, also, when we come to truly understand the vast legacy she left behind, a legacy which continues to inspire and enliven us all on our vocational paths! In 2016 the Fellowship of Isis will celebrate its 40th anniversary, a profound vision of love, community and spiritual devotion to the Divine Feminine which Olivia and Lawrence created at the Vernal Equinox in 1976. As the Fellowship grows, with possibly as many as 30,000 members, we come to realise the expansiveness of that vision! The huge quantity of work that Olivia and Lawrence put into the FOI, is only now being realised as we take up the mantle and we thank the Gods for the gift that they both gave to us!

As part of the upcoming celebrations, we, at the Foundation Centre on the borders of counties Carlow and Wexford, felt that it would be wonderful to have a very clear sense of the extent of the membership and the Iseums, Lyceums, Priories and Groves and other groups in existence. We have discussed the possiblity of creating a world map with markings showing the location of all groups being run throughout the world. There is so much marvelous work being done throughout the Fellowship that it would be a lovely thing to honour it!

To that end, we are asking all Iseums, Lyceums, Priories and Groves, and other groups within the Fellowship, to renew contact with the Foundation Centre so that we do not, in error, leave anyone out! Perhaps you could also explain a little about the groups you run so that the members of the Fellowship come to know more about you.

We would ask that groups contact us by Samhain 2015 (October 31st) so that we can begin to create the map and have it ready in time for the anniversary itself.

Looking forward to hearing from you all!

With the blessings of Isis,
The Circle of Brigid

Map Submission Form:

Archival Link: Circle of Brigid Notice


August 22, 2014

Sun in Virgo

Happy Sun in Virgo!  Above is a photo of the Shrine of Virgo, with flanking Egyptian hangings. "Isis raising Osiris" is the central statue. It was carved by David Durdin-Robertson when he was 16 and many years later, Olivia painted Her gold.
Archival link:
(Photo by M. Quick, with additional cropping by this site)

August 19, 2014

Fellowship of Isis Daily Prayer

Fellowship of Isis Daily Prayer

"Holy Goddess Isis, Mother of all beings, come to our hearts.
Grant us, Thy children, Love and Joy, Wisdom and Abundance.
We offer Thee our loving care for all who are born of Thee."

(Isis and Osiris altar, mirror paintings and prayer by Olivia Robertson, photo by Minette Quick)

Archival Link: FOI Prayers and Blessings

August 15, 2014

Audio Gallery

Three more recordings of Olivia Robertson reading (and commenting) on her Reflections articles have been added to the Audio Gallery.  These are in mp3 format and are large files (between 7-11 minutes long), so high speed internet is recommended.  Transcripts of each article are also included.  To listen/read go to this link and click on the "Olivia Robertson - Reflections" section:

(photo of Olivia Robertson with her gold microphone by Dennis Murphy, copyright reserved.)

August 10, 2014

We Reap to Share

Many blessings on this full moon in Aquarius, the lunar Lammas.  This artwork by Olivia Robertson is entitled "We Reap to Share". 

Olivia also wrote in her book "Psyche":  "I invoke Thee, Ala, Goddess of the earth, Source of mortality! Thou who art adored by the lbo People of Nigeria as Protector of the harvest, guide us to feed the starving millions upon our earth, by filling our souls with good intention and energy to act! Thou Who art Queen of the World of Spirits, feed our souls that we may acknowledge the souls of all beings."

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August 8, 2014

Message to Fellowship of Isis Members

I have been asked if this message could be sent out to members on the Fellowship websites from Olivia's Great Niece Pamela who, as many may know, lives in Clonegal with her family and looked after her for several years, and was very dear to her.   Minette (Hon. Sec. Circle of Brigid)
Sincere apologies to all friends who contacted Olivia by post, but may have received no reply during the last few months of her life last year. We thank you all for your kindness.

It was a period of convalescence and contemplation for her and in many ways she withdrew and focused her intentions on the inner world.

Pamela Currey

August 5, 2014

Urania, Ceremonial Magic of the Goddess

"Urania: Ceremonial Magic of the Goddess" is the latest of the Fellowship of Isis liturgy now available in paperback. You may find it through Amazon's online bookstore, or ordered through any other bookstore or library.  It is also always available to be read in its entirety for free through our website.
Olivia Robertson writes in the Introduction:
"The glory of Magic is that the Practitioner may attain co-creation with the Deities. The Magic Wand is the paint-brush, the Magic Circle is the canvas and the pigments are living rays. The forms conjured may through Invocation become animated: and causes imagined within the mind may produce effects on many levels through the law of Octaves. . . The wise Practitioner honours the Divinity of Goddesses and Gods, before every Rite by some act, such as the offering of incense. The Deity or Deities are not impersonal archetypes or personified ideals formulated by human beings, but are transcendental Beings who through Their own use of the Archetypes and Virtues, control the Universe through the Angelic Hierarchy. It is wise for the Magician to describe the Deity and the Virtues associated with such a Being, and the work expected of the Devotees. A God and Goddess by very definition must be good, and so have divine attributes. Hence the Practitioner has complete faith both in the Deities and in Guardian Angels and Helpers. The intention of the ceremony must also be good. . . The Rites in this Liturgy are not subjective, though they have subjective elements. The Powers described have been experienced, the visions seen, the effects gained through causes put into operation. And here we have the great division between those who have experienced magic through clairvoyance, clairaudience, levitation, telekinesis, mystical awakening - one or any of these - and those who have not. 'Those who know' cannot prove, cannot explain, cannot convince. All they can do is to provide a rainbow bridge whereby those who long for magical experience may attain some of this alchemical gold, obtained through transmutation of elements from one sphere to another."

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August 1, 2014

Fellowship of Isis Oracle for August

"Wherever you love, at home, in your place of work,
in your shrine, in a wood, there am I.
For I am at the Centre."
The Oracle for this month is dedicated to the memory of Rt. Rev. Loreon Vigne. You may read it here and also listen to an audio file of Olivia Robertson giving the Invocation and Oracle:
(photo of Olivia Robertson, copyright Alice Smeets.)