May 10, 2014


"I offer incense to Thee, Tiamat, Thalassa of the primordial waters, the Abyss before creation was and from whom all beings are born. Through Thy magical transmutation, Chaos was changed to space and time, and evolutionary hierarchies rise and fall, born of Thee and through Rebirth return again to Thy Womb. The Gnostic Sages acknowledge Thee in the Diagram of the Ophites and see Thy turning Body as the Seven Circles of Archons, within Thy Omoroka, Mother of all existences. . . O Mother of the Gods, O Lady of mankind, Who maketh the green herb to spring up, Who created all things, Who guideth the whole of creation, O Tiamat with Thy Daughter Ishtar, O Thou whose side no God can approach, O exalted Lady whose command is might, a prayer will I utter. That which appears good unto Her, may She do unto us all: O My Lady, from the days of our youth upon this earth we have been much yoked to misfortune. Many have not eaten food and weeping is their nourishment. Water is denied to many; only tears are their drink. Our hearts never rejoice, nor are our spirits glad until all creatures share Thy Bounty and Thy Blessing."
Quote and artwork by Olivia Robertson.  Text from the book "Sophia, Cosmic Consciousness of the Goddess". Painting of "Tiamat of Space" resides in the Foundation Center Temple.