May 25, 2014

Fellowship of Isis Blessing Prayer

"In the Names of Isis and Osiris,
may all beings be Blessed:
Spirits and humans,
animals, birds, reptiles,
fishes, insects, plants,
rainforests, the Earth
and all Her sacred elements."
("Arachne, the Spider Goddess" illustration and prayer by Olivia Robertson)
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May 21, 2014

Blessings of the Sun in Gemini

This photo of the "Shrine of Gemini" at the Foundation Center Temple is by Minette Quick.  Olivia Robertson wrote: "The Goddess Vesta of the Eternal Flame is represented by a giant face, painted on a mirror. Vesta is also shown within Her Greater Self as a brass mask, thus showing the twin aspect of Gemini."  You may also listen to Olivia give a meditation on the "Window of Gemini" by clicking on the link:

(mp3 / 3:16 min / 765kb)

Audio transcript:
"We reach the window of Gemini. The picture shows a young man and woman embracing each other, their wings reaching upwards to two stars. They head a spiral procession of twins winding like a serpent through indigo space. Each, man and woman, twins. Suddenly a wind blows open the window and we see the constellation of Gemini itself. Hear the words of Meylo Moya, Sage of the Builders of Zimbabwe.

'Look for the Star! That star does not rise, nor does it set: it holds a fixed place beyond the clouds. O seeker, know that this Nature in which you live and labour is the battleground of the Gods of Storm. Not until you dominate strife will the clouds of fury lift, and the Star illumine the sleeping earth. Then while the Star flames upon the way may you rest with Peace and raise the veil from Her Face. Ngisi kuve hambaseke kahlese! Which in arcane Bantu means: Follow thou after Peace.'

Look upon the orange star, Pollux, of the Gemini twins. Within its aegis is the Heaven of Zimbas. Its rulers are the Rain Queens, each known as Queen Mujaji: 'She who must be obeyed.'

Now, gaze upon the other star of Gemini, light years apart and yet one to our vision: the white star Castor. Within its pure light dwell Mawu and Li-Sa, first of the seven twin deities. Hear the words of the Berber sage Meylo Moya: 'I mounted seven steps of Rainbow Crystal in the Temple, and three more of Opal. And I knelt and adored the Sacred Star. And the crystal pavement of the Temple became a pool, clear as a perfect mirror reflecting the midnight sky. And I heard these words: If thou wouldst be perfect, O servant of Life, thou must dwell in the Light and work in the Shadow. Ili Tongo ka lase nwaya zu ze esu nka dhlineni. May thou and the United All dwell together in Eternity.’

Ponder upon the wisdom of ancient Africa.”

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(photo and audio file, copyright reserved)

May 17, 2014

Castle Fountain

Blossoms around the fountain at the Foundation Center Castle.
(photo copyright Stacy S.)

May 10, 2014


"I offer incense to Thee, Tiamat, Thalassa of the primordial waters, the Abyss before creation was and from whom all beings are born. Through Thy magical transmutation, Chaos was changed to space and time, and evolutionary hierarchies rise and fall, born of Thee and through Rebirth return again to Thy Womb. The Gnostic Sages acknowledge Thee in the Diagram of the Ophites and see Thy turning Body as the Seven Circles of Archons, within Thy Omoroka, Mother of all existences. . . O Mother of the Gods, O Lady of mankind, Who maketh the green herb to spring up, Who created all things, Who guideth the whole of creation, O Tiamat with Thy Daughter Ishtar, O Thou whose side no God can approach, O exalted Lady whose command is might, a prayer will I utter. That which appears good unto Her, may She do unto us all: O My Lady, from the days of our youth upon this earth we have been much yoked to misfortune. Many have not eaten food and weeping is their nourishment. Water is denied to many; only tears are their drink. Our hearts never rejoice, nor are our spirits glad until all creatures share Thy Bounty and Thy Blessing."
Quote and artwork by Olivia Robertson.  Text from the book "Sophia, Cosmic Consciousness of the Goddess". Painting of "Tiamat of Space" resides in the Foundation Center Temple.

May 6, 2014

Beltane at the Fellowship of Isis Foundation Center


Presented by Members of the Priesthood and the Circle of Brigid

The Star of the Day at Clonegal was undoubtedly Nature Herself, bursting forth in absolutely glory and astonishing growth since our last gathering for the Vernal Equinox this year, and it was impossible not to experience the raising of our spirits at this wonderful time of year.   After meeting and greeting in the Castle Tea Rooms we gathered in the Theatre which adjoins them.  This has been freshly decorated and provides a wonderful and unusual venue for year-round events at the Castle, which we very much appreciate being able to use for Festivals.
Marian then commenced proceedings with a beautiful energy raising exercise based on Ra and His connection to the Land, so that we might go forth in Procession chanting and remembering the Egyptian Traditional understanding that all of Nature, together with all Beings expresses the innate presence of both God and Goddess within All its manifestations.  This provided a lovely introduction to our Procession to the Grove of the Druid Clan of Dana, led by Eimear and David down through the Orchard and on to the Yew Walk and paths through the Wilderness where on every side tall fresh green growth and flowers crowded alongside us as we walked! 
David opened the Portal to the Grove between two of the great Redwoods which form the magnificent Grove of these incredibly tall trees, which were planted only in the early 1900’s, but create a cathedral-like energy within which to invoke the Goddess Dana. We are blessed to have access to it.  We then made our way onwards for Invocations first at the Abbey, home of the Noble Order of Tara, and then at Persephone’s Gateway to the Temple of Isis, and then beside Brigid’s Well of Truth followed by individual Blessings to all given by the Priesthood.  MaƬre presided over the Ceremonies at the High Altar and, we had a wise and deep Oracle from the Goddess Danu through her Priestess, Eimear. 
Luke took us on a Journey through the Land and the Sacred Fires traditional at this time, and we heard a fine Beltaine poem created by Sarah.  Then came one of our popular Mystery Plays!  This time it celebrated the Festival of the Sacred Marriage, the mystery of the fertile land being brought to life again by the return of the potency of the Sun.  The fiery interchange between the God and Goddess was ably represented by Deirdre and David and sparks flew as it became clear that not only was there was much wisdom in what they both had to say, but no quarter was given on the important matter of equality and respect, to be both given and received!  All this was received with great delight as ever in the Temple where Olivia always made us laugh!
After thanks were given to Deity for their undoubted presence throughout, short healings were given to those who requested them, and everyone repaired to Osborne’s in the Village for a well deserved home-made tea, and plenty of enjoyable conversation with new and old friends.  I will conclude with a short poem of my own which I also gave at the end of the ceremony in honour of the incredible abundance of so many spring flowers this year after the terrible earlier rains and floods.

“Daffodils, their crumpled petticoats though faded
Still suffuse my senses with their silken perfume.
Those fragrant edges of the stems
Evoke an ancient friendship
Firm and upright, loyal, true,
A knowing that has been for ever Spring!”
Minette Quick

Our thanks to Minette for sending this report of the Spring Festival and to all members of the Circle of Brigid and the Priesthood of the Fellowship of Isis in attendance!

(photo of Foundation Center in Spring received in 1999 from Olivia Robertson, cropped/enhanced by this site)

May 1, 2014

Fellowship of Isis Oracle for May

The Fellowship of Isis Oracle for this month is from the Goddess Cleito.  Please go to the link below to read it and also to access an audio clip of Olivia Robertson giving the Invocation and Oracle:
(photo of Olivia Robertson by the High Altar, copyright Rt. Rev. Cathryn Anne Rogers.)