December 15, 2013

Fortuna, Creation through the Goddess

Apologies for being a little behind in our bookstore announcements.  "Fortuna, Creation through the Goddess" has been available in paperback from Amazon since October.  Here how Olivia Robertson described this book in the introduction:
"The rites in this book are dedicated to the Goddess of Fate, Fortuna. They involve a three-fold woven plait derived from alchemy, myth and astrology. Each begins with an Oracle that presents the Theme. A Candidate who is represented in each Rite declares the Magical Intention. A succession of cards from the Marseille deck have to be interpreted during the twelve Rites, to give the Candidate a symbolic key. During the initiatory journey, the Candidate is faced with the robed Goddess of Wisdom, Themis, holding the scroll of Sybilline prophecies. During succeeding Rites, the Conjuror teaches control of the four elements of consciousness. The raising of the serpent Fire of Life within is demonstrated by La Force, a woman with lion emerging from her body. When the Candidate has ritually undergone the five-fold Initiation of hanging, death, the Angel, the Devil, Heavenly Lightning and The Judgement, the lunar, solar and starry spheres are experienced, culminating in a vision of the Cosmic Goddess of the Zodiac. Themis removes her veil and reveals herself as the naked Fortuna surrounded by the four Guardians of the zodiac. During each Rite, having interpreted Tarot symbolism, the Candidate is offered a Mystery drama, drawn from world mythology. Related to present-day events, the Candidate is introduced to the tragic King Oedipus as a modern atomic physicist. The cursed Ring of Norse myth represents a circle of volcanic eruptions: the antediluvian Cesara's ark becomes a modern seed-gathering spaceship. The third strand of this plait involves a series of magical journeys through the twelve zodiacal houses. The Temple of the Zodiac is visualised as etheric, and therefore nearest to our physical world. Through this Temple the Candidate experiences psychic, spiritual and divine spheres. Thus the macrocosm is revealed through creative imagination as the source of the microcosm. The incomprehensible magnificence of the stars offers infinite possibilities for our own gift of creation. Time and place become fluid, material for the cosmic artist, co-creating with the Deities. Even the physical earth can be changed for good. This realisation brings the candidate back to earthly tasks. A child's drawing of a tiger calls on us all to preserve tigers from extinction. A dream of an Arcadian tree reminds us to protect rain forests. Inspired by the Goddess of Fate, we know what to do."
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