November 18, 2013

Fellowship of Isis: Dulce Domum Ritual

Since so many members are enacting the "Dulce Domum" ritual for Olivia Robertson, we are reminding you of the links to obtain it - both in html and printable pdf formats.

Here is what Olivia wrote about this rite: "My whole endeavour in our 'Dulce Domum' - Gentle Home - ceremony is to emphasise the continuance of the "dead" person in the next life, whatever their faith. It has been used and helps people to bear the fundamental attitude that soul and spirit are only functions of the brain and are no more - at death. Even witches when they honoured my brother's passing, only seemed to dwell on his living on in our memories! I think people are far less psychic these days owing to an over-emphasis on the left-material side of the brain, so atrophying the psychic senses. So I am proud that FOI has always emphasised that The Deities and the whole Company of Heaven are real and immortal. As Their offspring, we partake of this immortality, if only we claim Divine Mother (and Father). And our Spiritual Brothers and Sisters. I feel my role as Archpriestess is to affirm these truths in my own life." (personal correspondence, Jan. 2000)

All are also welcomed to add your memorial ceremonies to this page: Memorial Ceremonies for Olivia