November 27, 2013

A small but historic photo, one of Olivia's favorites of she and her brother Lawrence Durdin-Robertson in the Temple sanctuary.  It was one of the first photos she shared online back in 1999.
(This photo has been enlarged and enhanced from the original.)

November 23, 2013

Minette Remembers Olivia Robertson

Minette Quick has kindly shared her experience of the day of Olivia's services, which we posted here:
Our sincere thanks to all who have been sending in their notices of their memorials and photos of Olivia. They are all welcomed at any time and included on our website.
(Olivia Robertson's desk in her drawing room at the Castle)

November 21, 2013

The Occult Experience Video Clip

We wanted to re-share this historic video with you. It is clip from the 1987 video, “The Occult Experience." The quality is not the best , but it is a lovely remembrance of Olivia Robertson and her brother Lawrence Durdin-Robertson. It shows them being interviewed, part of the Rebirth ritual and two FOI ordinations. (photos from this video are also included throughout our website, with permission)

November 20, 2013

Honoring Olivia Robertson

We join with members and friends worldwide honoring the great spirit of Olivia Robertson.  Blessings to all Aset Shemsu.

FOI Memorial Ceremonies for Olivia

Dulce Domum - The Soul Returns Home Ceremony of the Fellowship of Isis

Biography of Olivia Robertson

November 19, 2013

Member photos of Olivia Robertson

Members have kindly been sending in their photos of Olivia Robertson, which we are including on this page of our photo gallery:

If you would like to share your photos as well, please email them to:

Our sincere thanks to everyone for sharing their thoughts and memories of Olivia with us. May Isis bring comfort to all.

(photo of Olivia in New Orleans, copyright Rt. Rev. Cathryn Anne Rogers)

November 18, 2013

Fellowship of Isis: Dulce Domum Ritual

Since so many members are enacting the "Dulce Domum" ritual for Olivia Robertson, we are reminding you of the links to obtain it - both in html and printable pdf formats.

Here is what Olivia wrote about this rite: "My whole endeavour in our 'Dulce Domum' - Gentle Home - ceremony is to emphasise the continuance of the "dead" person in the next life, whatever their faith. It has been used and helps people to bear the fundamental attitude that soul and spirit are only functions of the brain and are no more - at death. Even witches when they honoured my brother's passing, only seemed to dwell on his living on in our memories! I think people are far less psychic these days owing to an over-emphasis on the left-material side of the brain, so atrophying the psychic senses. So I am proud that FOI has always emphasised that The Deities and the whole Company of Heaven are real and immortal. As Their offspring, we partake of this immortality, if only we claim Divine Mother (and Father). And our Spiritual Brothers and Sisters. I feel my role as Archpriestess is to affirm these truths in my own life." (personal correspondence, Jan. 2000)

All are also welcomed to add your memorial ceremonies to this page: Memorial Ceremonies for Olivia

November 16, 2013

Memorial Ceremonies for Olivia Robertson

Please see this page for announcements of the memorial ceremonies being held for Olivia Robertson.  More information will be added as it becomes available.  Feel free to let us know about your own gatherings if you wish them to be included.  Thank you and blessings of Isis to all.

 (photo of Olivia Robertson by Dennis Murphy, Logic Reality)

November 15, 2013

The Passing of Olivia Robertson

From the Rt. Rev. Caroline Wise in London: "Sad news for the Fellowship and the wider Goddess community in the world, Olivia passed away last night. It was peaceful and she had her family with her. Her family ask that the families privacy is respected at this time. Many blessings." (Nov. 15, 2013)
Please join us in lighting a candle at your altars and wishing Olivia a good journey as the loving wings of the Goddess Isis guide her.

Olivia Robertson's Biography 

The Soul Returns Home Ceremony of the Fellowship of Isis: Dulce Domum

 (photo of Olivia Robertson by Dennis Murphy, Logic Reality)

November 14, 2013

Olivia Painting

Below is a link to more photos of Olivia Robertson painting in her studio, as well as a clip from her DVD as she describes her current painting technique and how she envisions the energy bodies of the Deities:

(photo of Olivia by Dennis Murphy, all rights reserved)

November 12, 2013

Highlighted artwork

The Three Mothers
Painting in Clonegal Castle Temple by Olivia Robertson
More Goddess Art of Olivia Robertson:  Art Gallery

November 9, 2013

Attunement and Ancestors

As we join with members attuning to the energies of the international Fellowship of Isis in sending love and healing blessings to Olivia Robertson for her continued recovery, we also take a moment to honor the ancestors of the Durdin-Robertson family.  You may see some of the many family portraits on the walls of Clonegal Castle on this page:

(photo of Olivia holding picture of her mother, Nora Durdin-Robertson, by Dennis Murphy of Logic Reality.)

November 7, 2013

Lime Tree Avenue

Exiting Clonegal Castle driveway to town.

"The trees forming the Front Avenue are mainly Lime trees with a few Sycamore; they were planted in 1680 from France. In 1933 Mr. Fitzpatrick, of the Forestry Department, included some of these for measurement. Two of them, on the right side, looking down from the castle were found to be 110 feet, the tallest recorded lime and sycamore in Ireland at that time." 

Quote from the book "Clonegal Castle" by Lawrence Durdin-Robertson

(photo sent by Stacy S., copyright reserved)

November 5, 2013

Book Highlight: Life in the Next World

This book is by the late Lawrence Durdin-Robertson, co-founder of the Fellowship of Isis.  The cover illustration is by Olivia Robertson.  You may read it in full at this link:

(opens a pdf file)

November 1, 2013

Fellowship of Isis Oracle: Brighid

This month's Oracle is from the Goddess Brighid.  You may read it by going here:

(Photo of Olivia by Dennis Murphy from the DVD "Olivia Robertson, Priestess of Isis." All rights reserved.)