October 18, 2013

Full Moon - Lunar Eclipse

In honor of the full moon and penumbral lunar eclipse, here is "The Triple Moon Goddess, Ngame", illustration by Olivia Robertson.  Listen also to Olivia in this archived recording:

Land of the White Lady
(mp3 /1 min./257kb)

Audio transcript:
"Over a wooded valley, in the fork of the Macha, the frenzied crow, the third aspect of the Goddess Morrigan, where the Slainte river, Slainey of healing, is joined by the river of the Druid oak, the Derry. In the fork of this river is a wooded Castle. It is presided over by the sacred Mt. Leinster, prediluvian, crowned with stones belonging to the past.  Mt. Leinster is indigo in the darkening sky, flanked by two perfectly symmetrical foothills, forming the form of the Triple Goddess.  And when the white moon moves through the three mountains, an eclipse of the moon follows, thus this place is the land of the White Lady, the Goddess of the Moon."

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