October 31, 2013

Clonegal Castle Festival Postponement

Message sent to all global centers:

On behalf of the Circle of Brigid, I'm sorry to have to tell you that our planned Festival on Saturday 9th November has had to be postponed to a future date, as Lady Olivia who has been eagerly making arrangements for what was to be a very special event, to take place at Samhain, but relevant at all times, will not now be able to be with us for continued health reasons. This is a great pity but members of the Fellowship worldwide may still wish to tune in on Saturday 9th November, as she originally requested, in support of true Fellowship and wholeness and send her continued loving and healing blessings at this time.

It would be appreciated if members in Ireland could check with anyone they know had intended to be with us on the 9th that they have heard about this change, to save them travelling unnecessarily.

Minette Quick
(Hon. Sec. Circle of Brigid)

Our thanks to Minette and all the Circle of Brigid members for all they do.

(photo of Olivia Robertson in her drawing room, copyright Dennis Murphy of Logic Reality)

October 28, 2013

Historic photo

 Olivia writes in Panthea: "The period of Samhain, the 31st October to November 2nd, was used by the Magi of the Gaelic College of Wisdom for initiating candidates into their Mysteries. The chosen Candidate was conducted by the Hierophant through the Dolmen Gateway into the inner chamber of a tumulus. The Sacred Triad of Elders invoked the Presence of the Morrigan, Goddess of the Mysteries. The Candidate was then placed on a sarcophagus and the Maga Hierophant induced in him or her a cataleptic trance. In this death-like state the body was left for three days, guarded by a hound at the foot of the sarcophagus. While the Magi prayed, the soul of the Candidate was guided by a Spirit Guide into the very body of the earth, there to undergo a succession of ordeals.  If successful, the Candidate was then brought back to the surface of the earth and from thence ascended to the spheres of the Moon, Sun and Stars. The successful Candidate spent the winter with the Magi in their College, learning to use wisely the knowledge and powers acquired during the Initiation. On February the first, when pronounced acceptable, the new Maga or Magi was presented to the rejoicing people at the Dolmen Gate, wearing a copper crown or priestly headdress, and holding wand or staff. At this Festival of the Bride of Spring, Brighid, the new member of the College would give a Blessing to all beings, with upraised wand or staff."
Photo is of a past ritual at Clonegal Castle.  Olivia wrote about this:  "ghostly photo - Initiation of a Candidate".   Olivia and Lawrence Durdin-Robertson are on the far right, consulting the ritual script.

October 23, 2013

Fellowship of Isis audio: Portal of Scorpio

Please click on the link below to hear Olivia describing a meditation of the Portal of Scorpio as she takes on the role of Elaine of the Alchemical twins:

(mp3 / 5:00mins / 1.2mb)

Audio transcript:
"I approach the Western Portals of Scorpio. It looms high above me, supported by two pylons. The lintel is emblazoned by the figure of a golden hawk with outspread wings. On the left is a statue of Selket, the Scorpion Goddess. On the right is Sekhmet Herself. On Her lion’s head She bears the cobra Uachat-Buto and She holds the reed of sovereignty. I realise that when I pass through this gateway I can follow either the occult path of Selket with secret powers, or walk the straight-forward ways of Sekhmet. Lionesses are the huntresses. I follow Her right-hand path.
"I find myself just where I dream of in Ancient Egypt! This is an oasis with soaring palm trees and every sort of luxuriant vegetation. No, I'm not in Ancient Egypt, but a copy of Ancient Egypt in the New World. Abundance brings good to everybody. I seat myself under a palm tree along with many well-dressed people of various nationalities, but obviously well-off. I am praising the richness of nature here, but people are laughing at me. They say it's not like Egypt, a desert, as it is.  This oasis is entirely artificial, the water being piped here at great expense. This is by nature temperate desert with no rainfall.
"Then a quiet young man sees my concern and tells me that he is making for a dedicated group near who are digging for a spring to discover - he said they are being helped by a wonderful water-diviner. Will I join them? So I rise and follow him and find a group of workers digging on what looks like dry sand and rock under the directions of a man with a pair of large spectacles.
"At first I do what they tell me - at first. But suddenly I find myself taking the lead – they are going nowhere! I consult the water-diviner and find a new spot. I dig and on my own I find a crevasse in the rock-face beneath the sand, pull away, and water gushes forth!
"I feel in ecstasy, I've never been so proud and happy. Soon groups of people are joining us and they congratulate me on what I've done and I'm just a newcomer.  And they all begin digging. This spring I found is mighty and pure, good water. I've done the right action at the right time, for the land was threatened by drought. But oh, what elation - now I know my life's work, so they tell me.  I've come here - I've been chosen.
"But what is this agonizing pain that shoots through my left foot? I am poisoned. I scream. Someone says I've been bitten by a scorpion. I feel angry to be so helpless.  Somebody is trying to help me and I console myself by the thought that now the work will carry on to create an oasis that will bring water to hundreds of people and animals and stop us using up Nature's water, in the wrong way. Yet I feel a stab of fear. I've started all this, but do these people have the right ideas? What are their motives? This digging is getting out of hand. I can no longer control it, as I lie in pain. I call to Sekhmet for help. And then I hear these words as deep as flowing waters:   
'My daughter, rivalry poisons the waters of life, which is for all. More cruel than the scorpion’s sting is concealed jealousy disguised as high-mindedness! Share not only the water you have found, but also the glory of the finding of it.'
"I see it all. I lie back on the sand under a palm-tree and I leave the work now to others and I enjoy the sun speckling my body through the palm-leaves. And my hands are stroking the sun-warmed mane of a mighty, contented Lioness. As I try to see Her I come back to all. . . so content."

(Golden Eyes, Black Night: painting by Olivia Robertson, copyright reserved.)
Archival Link:  Audio Gallery

Shrine of Scorpio

The Shrine of Scorpio is located in the Well Chapel of Brighid at Clonegal Castle.  The back panel is by William Morris and the altar cloth shows the FOI Cosmic Web of the Universe.

(Photo copyright P. Cummins, with our thanks.)

Archival link:  Other Zodiac Altars

October 22, 2013

Fellowship of Isis Global Ritual

Olivia Robertson announces a world-wide Fellowship of Isis ritual to take place on November 9th, 2013.

You may read the rite at the link below, as well as print out a pdf copy for your own ritual use.  
(Photo of Olivia Robertson with FOI members enacting a ritual in the Old Mill Theater, Clonegal Castle. Copyright Dennis Murphy of Logic Reality)

October 18, 2013

Full Moon - Lunar Eclipse

In honor of the full moon and penumbral lunar eclipse, here is "The Triple Moon Goddess, Ngame", illustration by Olivia Robertson.  Listen also to Olivia in this archived recording:

Land of the White Lady
(mp3 /1 min./257kb)

Audio transcript:
"Over a wooded valley, in the fork of the Macha, the frenzied crow, the third aspect of the Goddess Morrigan, where the Slainte river, Slainey of healing, is joined by the river of the Druid oak, the Derry. In the fork of this river is a wooded Castle. It is presided over by the sacred Mt. Leinster, prediluvian, crowned with stones belonging to the past.  Mt. Leinster is indigo in the darkening sky, flanked by two perfectly symmetrical foothills, forming the form of the Triple Goddess.  And when the white moon moves through the three mountains, an eclipse of the moon follows, thus this place is the land of the White Lady, the Goddess of the Moon."

Link: Audio Gallery

October 15, 2013

Pantheon of the Goddesses Shrine

"Those who identify with various Goddesses and Gods, who revere and love them, will find integration of consciousness. For there is a Deity for every person, whether humorous, grave, joyful, lively, strong or gentle. Not only is each person represented by a Deity; the ideal lover is also present: for Isis has ten thousand names, and Osiris ten thousand faces. Eros is seen as Love, yet coloured by race, family, feature, according to the devotion of Psyche. And Psyche appears to the Lover with the form and beauty that is for him alone. So Deity is to be sought in meditation: loved in those we know: and discovered through the Mysteries. This is the dark secret of the Underworld: this is the enigma of the Labyrinth. It is a secret that is told by all teachers. It is a spoken secret. Yet words may tell: a sphinx portray: yet only when the secret is experienced is it known. An ear of barley is reaped in Silence."   
Olivia Robertson, from the book "Dea, Rites and Mysteries of the Goddess."

(Pantheon of the Goddesses Shrine, Clonegal Castle. Photo copyright Ashera)

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October 13, 2013

The Isis Wedding Rite - Highlighted Book

Olivia Robertson writes in the introduction:
"'To find the Other is to find Oneself: All Nature is expressed in one loved face.' "So says the Bard of the Druids in our Isis Wedding Rite. To unite with another soul is the goal of the Lover: through this devotion selfishness and loneliness fade away. When twin souls unite in Divine Union, it is through discovery of The Immortal Beloved that they find their own real selves. Such is the truth underlying the Egyptian myth of Isis and Osiris, perfect wife and husband. In classical Greece Plato brought forth the ideal of twin souls divided and discovering reunion through love. Centuries later medieval troubadours travelled throughout Europe singing of fulfilment through the romantic devotion of lovers. Within our secret dreams, we have this knowledge in ourselves."

The Isis Wedding Rite is now available in paperback and may also be read in full, along with all of the FOI Liturgy:

October 11, 2013

FOI Daily Prayer

Fellowship of Isis Daily Prayer

"Holy Goddess Isis, Mother of all beings, come to our hearts.
Grant us, Thy children, Love and Joy, Wisdom and Abundance.
We offer Thee our loving care for all who are born of Thee."

Photo of the High Altar by Minette Quick: "Isis of the New Aeon of Aquarius, carved by David Durdin-Robertson, with watering pot on her head, Bast and Horus. The Rose Crystal at her feet shows Her Love for All."

Archival Link:  FOI Prayers and Blessings

October 7, 2013

Olivia Photo

A 1994 photo of Olivia Robertson on the grounds of Clonegal Castle.
(photo copyright Ashera)

October 5, 2013

Remembering Laura and Deena


A reminder for those members who wish to attune, that memorials for the Rt. Revs. Laura Janesdaughter and Deena Butta are taking place over this weekend.

Homepage Archive memorials:

Laura Janesdaughter

Deena Butta
And for those who are also on Facebook, here are the links for more information on the events:

(today and tomorrow)

(photo of the High Altar, Clonegal Castle, copyright Minette Quick)

October 4, 2013

Highlighted artwork: The Twin in the Pool

"To know oneself is to look within. 
Gaze in a pool and you will see your twin." 
Olivia Robertson

("The Twin in the Pool" artwork by Olivia Robertson, quote from "Nuit of the Milky Way".)

Homepage Archive:  Artwork of Olivia Robertson

October 1, 2013

Oct. Oracle: Goddess Isis

The October Oracle of the Month has been uploaded and also includes an audio file of Olivia Robertson:
(Photo by Dennis Murphy from the DVD "Olivia Robertson, Priestess of Isis." All rights reserved.)