September 13, 2013

Fellowship of Isis Manifesto

The FOI Manifesto may be found at this link:

(Explanation of symbols in this graphic: "The Manifesto of the Fellowship sets out the essential aims. It is headed with the Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs which link the Fellowship with the love of the Goddess of six thousand years ago, and so have profound symbolic and occult significance. The hieroglyphs are translated as "Aset Shemsu", the Retinue of Isis. Among the picture signs is that of Aset, the Throne of Isis, the Matriarchal seat which conferred power on each succeeding Pharaoh. The picture-word for Woman is presented as a seated woman in profile; and the symbol of the Sun-God Horus, son of Isis and Osiris, is given in his bird form, in which he uses his Utchat eye. One may still see these symbols carved on the walls and columns in Egyptian temples and tombs. They bring members into relationship with their ancestors who loved the Arts and Nature." From the FOI Handbook and Manual)