April 13, 2013

Happiness now

Happy 96th birthday Olivia Robertson! 

In many of  Olivia's writings, she includes the advice "happiness now."  Years ago in an interview, she was asked what her message to the world was, and this was her response:

(MP3 file/25 sec/102kb)

Audio transcript:  "Be happy now.  Don't worry about whether you were happy yesterday or whether you will be tomorrow, but eternity is between seconds.  You find Deity - the Goddess, the God - now.  And your home becomes your sanctuary - you have a sanctuary as your hearth.  A candle - one candle - a stick of incense, wherever you are, is heaven.  That's what my message is, yes, wherever you are, should be heaven."

We wish Olivia every happiness now, and always!

Archival link:  Olivia's Biography

(Olivia in the Cave of the Mothers, Clonegal Castle Temple, copyright Minette Quick)