April 22, 2013

Fellowship of Isis Blessing

In the Names of Isis and Osiris,
may all beings be Blessed:
Spirits and humans,
animals, birds, reptiles,
fishes, insects, plants,
rainforests, the Earth
and all Her sacred elements.
(Blessing and "Divine Birds and Beasts" illustration by Olivia Robertson)

April 20, 2013

Happy Sun in Taurus!

In the Castle Temple a painting of the Goddess Maya as seen by Olivia Robertson is displayed over the Taurus altar. The Kachinas were donated by elders from Hopi Land and the carving of the Golden Eagle is by the late David Durdin-Robertson. The White Buffalo Calf Woman painting on slate is also by Olivia.

Archival link:  Castle Photo Gallery

(photo copyright Minette Quick.)

April 14, 2013

Olivia Robertson's Birthday Celebration

A summary of Olivia's 96th birthday celebration was written by Minette Quick and sent to all global sites today.  You may see her account, along with the accompanying photographs at this link:
(photo copyright A. Lordan, with our thanks!)

April 13, 2013

Happiness now

Happy 96th birthday Olivia Robertson! 

In many of  Olivia's writings, she includes the advice "happiness now."  Years ago in an interview, she was asked what her message to the world was, and this was her response:

(MP3 file/25 sec/102kb)

Audio transcript:  "Be happy now.  Don't worry about whether you were happy yesterday or whether you will be tomorrow, but eternity is between seconds.  You find Deity - the Goddess, the God - now.  And your home becomes your sanctuary - you have a sanctuary as your hearth.  A candle - one candle - a stick of incense, wherever you are, is heaven.  That's what my message is, yes, wherever you are, should be heaven."

We wish Olivia every happiness now, and always!

Archival link:  Olivia's Biography

(Olivia in the Cave of the Mothers, Clonegal Castle Temple, copyright Minette Quick)

April 12, 2013

Happy birthday Olivia!

Tomorrow, April 13th, is FOI co-founder Olivia Robertson's 96th birthday.   In a letter received last week, she writes:  "I was on radio talking on Harmony.  Pallas Athena - my sun sign (Aries) is Wisdom plus Heart equals Harmony.  Lots of Love & Joy & Laughter, Olivia."

Happy birthday and best wishes always Olivia!

(All birthday greetings left for Olivia on any of our networking sites will be compiled and sent to her, as she does not have a computer.  Photo of Olivia holding a picture of her mother, Nora, copyright Dennis Murphy of Logic Reality.)

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April 11, 2013

New Video Clip

We just received this from Dennis Murphy of Logic Reality. He put together a new clip for Olivia Robertson's birthday, which is this Saturday, the 13th.  Blogger won't let us embed the video right now, so we will do that later and in the meantime include the link here:

(Photo copyright Logic Reality, from the DVD "Priestess of Isis")

April 10, 2013

NOT Investiture

Received from Olivia Robertson, via Minette:
8th April, 2013
Eimear Burke was invested by the Chancellor of the Noble Order of Tara, by Olivia Robertson, as a Grand Commander of the Order, assisted by Grand Dame Maureen Sullivan of the Order in Ireland, and is therefore eligible for membership of the Order of Tara Union when there is a vacancy. ArchDruidess Minette Quick of the Druid Clan of Dana was also present.

Archival link:  Letters from Olivia

April 9, 2013

Updated Athena booklet

The latest chapters for Olivia Robertson's ongoing book "Athena, Arcadian Awakening" have been uploaded.   It is still in progress, but you may read what she has written so far at this link, including an updated "Introduction" section:


April 3, 2013

Changing Faces of the Temple

Four new photos taken on March 30th were received from Olivia and Minette this morning. See them at our Changing Faces of the Temple page:
("The Young Bride, terracotta figurine by the Well, Temple of Isis, Clonegal. Welcome to all the Children, who come through to us from the north window. -Starchildren" Photo copyright Minette Quick, all rights reserved.)

April 1, 2013

April Oracle - Goda

This month's Oracle is now available and is from the Goddess Goda:

(Photo by Dennis Murphy from the DVD "Olivia Robertson, Priestess of Isis." All rights reserved.)