February 18, 2013

Happy Sun in Pisces!

Olivia Robertson writes in Psyche: 
"Behold the Sea of Heaven. In the depths of its ocean swim the fishes of Pisces Australis, and the lovely Hebe and Ganymede of Aquarius draw water from the River of Heaven, Eridanus. Cetus the Whale welcomes those whales slaughtered upon earth, now free to roam infinite oceans! The mystical fish of Pisces are lost in contemplation as they glide through green oceans. Arion sports with his friend the dolphin of Delphinus. Nearby the little white horses of Manannan, the Pegassids, gallop as meteors over the green pastured islands of the horse Equuleus. Look! balanced precariously on pointed coral rocks stand the wild sea goats of Capricornus. And, glorious in his strength, starry Pegasus rises out of foaming breakers, water dripping as meteors from his silver mane. His mighty outstretched wings lift him high into the heavens to join the Eagle and the Swan, and lovely Princess Andromeda in the arms of her lover, Perseus. Let us in our astral bodies join them, and find joy in our freedom to swim and fly!"
Shrine of Pisces photo by Minette Quick.  The Gandarvi Devi statue is in Yoga pose and came from Angkor Vat. In the corner is the Shrine of Andromeda.  Olivia's ancestor Lord Rosse was first to find the Galaxy in Andromeda, which he called “a firmament.” Perseus is shown rescuing Andromeda  Both paintings are by Olivia Robertson.
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