July 18, 2012

Audio Highlight - Divine Center

Olivia Robertson discusses her view on Space and Time and the Divine Center:

(1:49 minutes, 430kb)

"For me, space and time exist in total reality. It is all there – NOW . . . Space is a mighty spiral of planetary and stellar scenes that exist in eternity. Time is not a line with a beginning and an end. It is a radiating centre that pierces through all galactic centres – and in every atom, every being. Every atom – you name it – is part of the almighty whole, which includes galaxies and the feared Black Holes. After all Black Holes are a womb, they are tunnels between the spheres of being from one state to another. I received from the Realm of Spirit a handy method of achieving harmony with diversity. Take a long strip of paper and write a horizontal line of emblems of religions, political parties, people, species – whatever interests you. They are all of course separate. Now fold the paper in squares, a separate square for each emblem. Take a sharp instrument and pierce the thickness of the folded paper. Thus each emblem, once separate, are One. You can call the paper, Space or Love: the instrument – Time, or Truth. By identifying with Centre, you can happily travel the Spheres, knowing that infinite variety is yet linked through Divine Centre. Reality is where you ARE NOW."


Archival Link: Online Audio Gallery

(Photo of Olivia Robertson by Dennis Murphy, Logic Reality. Please do not reproduce.)