July 31, 2012

Harvest blessings!

"We Reap to Share" by Olivia Robertson, 2004.

From the Sophia Liturgy: 
"Behold the Virgin holding her wheat ear, the star Spica. . .The Libran Goddess stands nearby, weighing Virgo's golden grain on her scales, while the harvest is protected by the rampant lion, Leo."

July 24, 2012

Highlighted artwork

"The Magic Portrait" by Olivia Robertson, 2008.

Archival Link: Olivia's Online Art Gallery

July 18, 2012

Audio Highlight - Divine Center

Olivia Robertson discusses her view on Space and Time and the Divine Center:

(1:49 minutes, 430kb)

"For me, space and time exist in total reality. It is all there – NOW . . . Space is a mighty spiral of planetary and stellar scenes that exist in eternity. Time is not a line with a beginning and an end. It is a radiating centre that pierces through all galactic centres – and in every atom, every being. Every atom – you name it – is part of the almighty whole, which includes galaxies and the feared Black Holes. After all Black Holes are a womb, they are tunnels between the spheres of being from one state to another. I received from the Realm of Spirit a handy method of achieving harmony with diversity. Take a long strip of paper and write a horizontal line of emblems of religions, political parties, people, species – whatever interests you. They are all of course separate. Now fold the paper in squares, a separate square for each emblem. Take a sharp instrument and pierce the thickness of the folded paper. Thus each emblem, once separate, are One. You can call the paper, Space or Love: the instrument – Time, or Truth. By identifying with Centre, you can happily travel the Spheres, knowing that infinite variety is yet linked through Divine Centre. Reality is where you ARE NOW."


Archival Link: Online Audio Gallery

(Photo of Olivia Robertson by Dennis Murphy, Logic Reality. Please do not reproduce.)

July 11, 2012

Fellowship of Isis Healing Prayer

Fellowship of Isis prayer

"The Healing Wings of Isis Protect, Enfold and Awaken you!"

Archival link:  Prayers and Blessings

(prayer and illustration by Olivia Robertson)

July 1, 2012

Oracle of Isis & Osiris

Isis and Osiris are featured in this month's Oracle, which may be read here:

(Painting of Isis & Osiris by Olivia Robertson, all rights reserved.)