March 7, 2012

Audio highlight

Olivia Robertson, describing her spiritual experiences with an Elf, a Triton & talking Squirrel-Field-Mice:

(2:36 minutes, 613kb)

"So when we describe personal encounters in our Alchemical journey with Deities, Angels, Sidhe, faeries, we need to put aside prejudice, fear, dislike and scientific opinion. Yes, I will be honest and tell of my own few encounters with fairies and animal spirits. I shall present an Elf, a Triton and talking Squirrel-field-mice.

The Elf I met in full consciousness, when I was projected out of my body at night - yes, one does totally project, I can, only unexpectedly. Here I must emphasise that faery folk exist on a higher frequency than we do - there is a feeling of the speed you notice in early films, more so with the Deities, Spirits of Light. This elf was friendly and had come to help me back to my body. He was about 3 feet tall and was supernaturally thin. But what struck me most was his hair. He had a very long thin pigtail that reached to his knees, like a fine rope.

Some years later I was describing him to a faery contactee. To my delight, this lady had also seen an elf with hair plait just like that. Oddly, some months later I saw a young man with his hair braided in like fashion. But who started the fashion - elf or human?

The Triton I met looked like those green renaissance sculptured tritons, depicted with ornamental fountains. He was very large, green - no resemblance to a human - and looked like a kind of underseas scaly fish with intelligence. I was aware of the extraordinary speed of the dimension in which he existed. He manifested in a rushing stream. I liked him.

The most extraordinary creatures I have met were red squirrel-cum-field-mice animals in my bedroom, when I was out of my body at night. What was so unusual, was that they had human-like intelligence, they really were, and could therefore talk with me. They had come to help me back to my body again.

At that time I still had embarrassment at conversing with intelligent animal spirits, so I was immensely relieved at reassurance by my friend, a Priest of Isis. We were having tea. He suddenly said: "A strange thing happened to me yesterday Olivia. I saw these squirrel-like creatures - spirits - and they could talk!" "Thank you, thank you!" I exclaimed.

Well, I hope this will give some people courage to come forward when they do see things, because remember, your alchemy is from the basic elements - earth, air fire and water."

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(Photo of Olivia Robertson by Dennis Murphy, Logic Reality.  Please do not reproduce.)