December 20, 2012

Happy Solstice!

"Let us bravely welcome the New Aeon at the Winter Solstice. 
Here they are - an original version of my other one -
more vivid and alive.  Pele, Brigid and Yemaya. 
Lots  and lots of Love and Blessings of Isis! Olivia"
24th Nov. 2012

December 6, 2012

Temple Updates: Changing Faces

Changing Faces of the Temple:  Six new photos taken on Dec. 1st were just received from Minette and Olivia.  You can see them and their commentary here:

(Above photo by Minette Quick, all rights reserved: "The Mystic Doorway into Other Realms. We project during trances. The Goddess is Pysche on her Quest, With lantern.")

December 1, 2012

Oracle: The Goddess Maya

The Fellowship of Isis Oracle for December has been uploaded
and also includes an audio file of Olivia Robertson as the Oracle.
Read and listen to it on this page:
(Illustration of Maya by Olivia Robertson, all rights reserved.)

November 29, 2012

Update to the FOI Code of Ethics

An addition to the FOI Code of Ethics was just received via Minette, from Olivia Robertson and Cressida Pryor, for distribution for all global sites. Please see the following link:

November 27, 2012

Changing Faces of the Temple

The global sites have received a new installment of the "Changing Faces of the Temple" today from Olivia Robertson and Minette Quick.  You can see all 7 new photos and commentary at this link:
(Above photo:  Granite Gateway to Castle Dungeon, now Cave of the Mothers. Isis Awakens Osiris.   By Minette Quick, all rights reserved.)

November 21, 2012

Shrine of Sagittarius

The Sagittarius Altar in the North.
Painting of “Morrigan of All Rivers”
Figure of the Sidhe of Warmth, Goodwill & Fellowship.
Olivia writes:
"As the sun journeys across the sky, so dost Thou ever circle the Mound of Rhiannon, which is the earth. Only during the time of Sagittarius, at the Winter Solstice, art Thou summoned into the Mound of Rhiannon, that the new Mabin of the Year, Gwyri, may come forth as the renewed sun.  . . Companions, behold the Archer, half man, half horse, whose stars were revered in Ancient Babylon and Chaldea, when the winter solstice was in this sign. The Archer rises above the Sea of Heaven, below the Tropic of Capricorn. He chases the Scorpion with his arrow, and is followed by the Sea Goat. Above him shine the lovers of the sky, Vega, the Weaver maid within the Lyre stars. She is separated by the Milky Way from her lover, the Shepherd Altair, who is within the Constellation of Aquila, the eagle. They can only meet once a year, by way of a bridge of sparrows! Above them flies the Swan, Cygnus. The horse, Equuleus, stands beneath Delphinus, the Dolphin. Each creature has its innate Divinity, and its particular path of transmutation."

(Quote from "Sophia, Cosmic Consciousness of the Goddess", by Olivia Robertson. Photo of the Shrine of Sagittarius by Minette Quick.  All rights reserved.)

November 12, 2012

Daily Prayer

Fellowship of Isis Daily Prayer

"Holy Goddess Isis, Mother of all beings, come to our hearts.
Grant us, Thy children, Love and Joy, Wisdom and Abundance.
We offer Thee our loving care for all who are born of Thee."

This FOI prayer was written by Olivia Robertson.  Attunement is offered daily, mornings and evenings, from 6:30 to 8:30 GMT from the Foundation Center at Clonegal Castle.

(Photo of the High Altar by Minette Quick, all rights reserved.)

Archival Link:  FOI Prayers

November 1, 2012

Oracle - Goddess Tara

Illustration of Tara by Olivia Robertson

The November Oracle features the Goddess Tara - you may read it at this link:

(Drawing of the Goddess Tara by Olivia Robertson, from the NOT Manual. All rights reserved.)

October 23, 2012

The Shrine of Scorpio

This photo is of the Shrine of Scorpio, located in the Chapel of Brigid at Clonegal Castle's basement Temple.  The chalice in the center sits on an altar cloth embroidery of the FOI's Cosmic Web of the Universe.  Here is text from the ritual "Mystical Awakening of Scorpio and Kundalini", from the booklet "Sophia", written by Olivia Robertson:

"Our instructors on the Path, the Alchemists, taught that only when the Sun is in Scorpio may Iron be transmuted into Gold. For as the sun declines after the autumnal Equinox, so does the individual soul face the apparent extinction of her dream of separate existence, when faced by death. So does a candle fancy itself extinguished when the sun rises! Scorpio rises in the cold hours of the dawn. So be watchful and fall not into inertia, for who can tell when the Scorpion stings.

"Ponder on the fate of the giant Orion, stung by the Scorpion and so sinks into apparent death in the red Western sky. Was not even the Child God of Initiation, Son to Isis, Harporcrates, killed by a scorpion? He was revived by Isis, and shows himself to the wise as a naked child with his finger to his lips, enjoining silence. Was not the mighty Sun God Ra-Temu bitten by a snake, which Isis sent to him in the autumn? He suffered from the poisonous serpent power circling in every limb, until he fell through the flaming twilight into the watery abyss. Only when he had surrendered His Secret Name with all His magical Powers to Isis, did She restore Him as Ra-Horus, in the bright dawn when spring returned to earth. For though the Mysteries are preserved through silence, we must offer ourselves and all we have to the Goddess, that we may be reborn with knowledge of our immortality.

"Know that the Path of Scorpio provides a sudden shock! The cunning scorpion strikes at the foot, yet its poison courses throughout the body. Like the serpent it is called the One who Lurks. It is most potent through water and through the blood. Know that this very cruel sting, which seems to torture and to slay, is in verity the Awakener! Only through the sting may the stigmata of Initiation be gained. Yet this awakening may not be bargained for, nor induced, for only when the soul is ready may the Coming Forth by Day be achieved! Scorpio is also the sign of the Eagle and of the Winged Serpent. May we, with the Wings of the Goddess Selket, the Scorpion Goddess, rise above the Path and so learn to know its serpentine deviations, its pitfalls, its goal. Thus may we, with the aid of the presiding Deities, receive the onrush of the Fire Goddess, Kundalini, without loss of integrity or peace."

(Photo by Minette Quick, cropped and enhanced from original by this site. All rights reserved.)

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Fellowship of Isis Liturgy
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October 11, 2012

Communion with the Goddess: South-East Asia and Tibet

"Idols, Images and Symbols of the Goddesses: South-East Asia and Tibet" is now available online. This is book eight from the "Communion with the Goddess Series" by the late Lawrence Durdin-Robertson. You may find it at this link:

Our ongoing thanks to the Durdin-Robertson family for permission to publish these works, and a special thanks to T. Lynn of the Iseum of the Mystic Isis, for her proofreading skills.

(photo from the Occult Experience, created with permission, please do not reproduce.)

October 1, 2012

Oracle of the Goddess Kundalini

The October Oracle has been uploaded and may be viewed at the following link:

(Photo by Dennis Murphy from "Olivia Robertson, Priestess of Isis" DVD. All rights reserved.)

September 21, 2012

Libra Shrine and Audio

Happy Equinox!  This is the Shrine of Libra located in the Chapel of Brigid at Clonegal Castle.  Listen to a ritual audio clip of FOI co-founder, the late Lawrence Durdin-Robertson by clicking here:

(MP3 file: 1:05 min./255kb)

Audio transcript:
"Companions on the quest for Truth and Justice, know that in many ancient lands the constellation of Libra, when in the House of the Autumnal Equinox, was revered as portraying Justice, through the equal balancing of day and night, summer and winter. In Egypt, the Goddess Maat was depicted presiding over the weighing of the Heart on the Scales of Justice. The Heart was balanced in the Northern pan against Her Ostrich Feather of Truth, whose every frond responds to the Breath of Spirit."

Related link:  Audio Gallery

(Photo by Minette Quick, cropped and enhanced from original by this site.  All rights reserved.)

September 5, 2012

Thanksgiving Prayer

Thanskgiving Prayer
"Holy Isis, Holy Osiris;
We give you thanks
that your Love, Beauty and Truth
are manifest with Power and Peace
throughout all spheres,
within all beings,
and we accept your Blessing now,
in Mind and Heart."

Archival Link:  Prayers and Blessings
(Photo taken in Healing Chapel of Clonegal Castle by Minette Quick, all rights reserved.)

September 1, 2012

Oracle of Selene

The Fellowship of Isis Oracle for September has been uploaded
and also includes audio of Olivia Robertson.
Read and listen to it on this page:

(Photo from "Olivia Robertson, Priestess of Isis" DVD. All rights reserved.)

August 30, 2012

Highlighted Artwork

Artwork by Olivia Robertson, 
displayed in the Temple of Isis, Clonegal Castle.
Photo by Minette Quick, with additional cropping by this site.
All rights reserved.

Archival link:  Artwork of Olivia Robertson

August 23, 2012

Photos of Olivia

Several new photos of Olivia Robertson from "Olivia, Priestess of Isis" have been added to this page:

This wonderful DVD was produced and narrated by Steven Jones, filmed and edited by Dennis Murphy.  You can order it from their website:  Logic Reality

Our thanks to Dennis for forwarding these!

August 22, 2012

Shrine of Virgo

The Shrine of Virgo resides in the Egyptian passage of the Temple in Clonegal Castle. Isis raising Osiris is the central statue and was carved by David Durdin-Robertson when he was 16 years old.  A few years ago, Olivia painted Her gold.

(Photo by Minette Quick, with additional cropping/enhancement by this site.  All rights reserved.)

August 21, 2012

Email from Minette Quick

An email from Minette Quick received this morning: 

"It has come to our notice today that someone has published a malicious rumour of Olivia's death again.  It is apparently accompanied by photographs of her and I think some of our members in Ireland.  I was informed by one of our priestesses by phone just a short while ago.  . . As this is a very distressing form of false reporting, especially for Olivia, Cressida has asked me to get in touch with you all immediately, so that you can deal with it authoritatively as soon as possible.  She asked me to add that our members never should believe such information unless it comes directly and officially from Foundation Centre, and should not engage in communicating it further."

Archival Link:  Rumor about Olivia

August 20, 2012

Letter from Olivia: Ethics in the Fellowship

Received from Olivia Robertson via Minette Quick this morning:

For All Global Sites:
From: Olivia Robertson, Co-Founder, F.O.I.
Cressida Pryor, Co-Founder’s Successor.
19th August, 2012


“In ISIS we rely not on rules and regulations,
But on the Divine Power of Her Winnowing Wings of Protection.
In Her we trust.”

The Fellowship of Isis is all about developing an inner love of the Divine Feminine and the Sacred Masculine together. There is therefore an onus of integrity and responsibility upon every individual member to uphold and adhere to the principles and ideals of the Fellowship, as set out in the Manifesto.

It has come to our attention that the Fellowship of Isis with its friendly honour for all genuine faiths has, in certain cases, become misused to validate the illegal manipulation of vulnerable members leading to inappropriate behaviour and violation of boundaries. Often first contact is made through the social media leading on to illegal spiritual, emotional and physical abuse.

All members need to know that such sacrilegious desecration of the spiritual religion of The Goddess constitutes legitimate grounds for automatic expulsion from the Fellowship of Isis. It should be remembered that no secrecy or binding vow is sanctioned in the Fellowship. Any member has the right, at any time, to seek assistance from outside authorities.

“I am She Who Was and Is and Is to Be.
No mortal man hath lifted my veil.”
Isis lifts her veil to those with loving hearts,
Who seek the truth.

Archival Link:  Letter from Olivia

August 8, 2012

Communion with the Goddess: India

Another book from the "Communion with the Goddess Series" by the late Lawrence Durdin-Robertson has been uploaded. This book is "Idols, Images and Symbols of the Goddesses: India." You may find it on this page:

Our continuing thanks to the Durdin-Robertson family for permission to publish these works, and a special thanks to T. Lynn of the Iseum of the Mystic Isis, for her proofreading skills. (photo from the Occult Experience, created with permission, please do not reproduce.)

August 1, 2012

Oracle of the Goddess Dana

The August Oracle features the Goddess Dana and you may read it here:

(Photo by Dennis Murphy from "Olivia Robertson, Priestess of Isis" DVD. All rights reserved.)

July 31, 2012

Harvest blessings!

"We Reap to Share" by Olivia Robertson, 2004.

From the Sophia Liturgy: 
"Behold the Virgin holding her wheat ear, the star Spica. . .The Libran Goddess stands nearby, weighing Virgo's golden grain on her scales, while the harvest is protected by the rampant lion, Leo."

July 24, 2012

Highlighted artwork

"The Magic Portrait" by Olivia Robertson, 2008.

Archival Link: Olivia's Online Art Gallery

July 18, 2012

Audio Highlight - Divine Center

Olivia Robertson discusses her view on Space and Time and the Divine Center:

(1:49 minutes, 430kb)

"For me, space and time exist in total reality. It is all there – NOW . . . Space is a mighty spiral of planetary and stellar scenes that exist in eternity. Time is not a line with a beginning and an end. It is a radiating centre that pierces through all galactic centres – and in every atom, every being. Every atom – you name it – is part of the almighty whole, which includes galaxies and the feared Black Holes. After all Black Holes are a womb, they are tunnels between the spheres of being from one state to another. I received from the Realm of Spirit a handy method of achieving harmony with diversity. Take a long strip of paper and write a horizontal line of emblems of religions, political parties, people, species – whatever interests you. They are all of course separate. Now fold the paper in squares, a separate square for each emblem. Take a sharp instrument and pierce the thickness of the folded paper. Thus each emblem, once separate, are One. You can call the paper, Space or Love: the instrument – Time, or Truth. By identifying with Centre, you can happily travel the Spheres, knowing that infinite variety is yet linked through Divine Centre. Reality is where you ARE NOW."


Archival Link: Online Audio Gallery

(Photo of Olivia Robertson by Dennis Murphy, Logic Reality. Please do not reproduce.)

July 11, 2012

Fellowship of Isis Healing Prayer

Fellowship of Isis prayer

"The Healing Wings of Isis Protect, Enfold and Awaken you!"

Archival link:  Prayers and Blessings

(prayer and illustration by Olivia Robertson)

July 1, 2012

Oracle of Isis & Osiris

Isis and Osiris are featured in this month's Oracle, which may be read here:

(Painting of Isis & Osiris by Olivia Robertson, all rights reserved.)

June 26, 2012

The Old Abbey

"The old ruins to the North of the Castle has always been known as the 'Abbey.' It may have been used by Franciscan monks, or it may have been part of the Augustinian Abbey of Abbeydown, two miles to the East. There are no records (written); it is thought to be over 600 years old. It was kept as a kennel for harriers, by William Durdin. It has two very old cells, which may have been oratory chapels. they have 3' 6" roofs and date back to the 15th century."

(Quote from the "Guide to Clonegal Castle" by Lawrence Durdin-Robertson. Photo of the "Old Abbey" by Olivia Robertson and further enhanced by this site, all rights reserved.)

Fellowship of Isis Homepage Archive

June 20, 2012

Happy Solstice!

This drawing by Olivia Robertson is on display in the Temple of Isis at Clonegal Castle, Ireland.  It is entitled "The Inner Sun."

Archival Link:  Olivia's Online Art Gallery

June 18, 2012

Founding Centers Reminder

A reminder about the founding of Fellowship of Isis centers from Olivia Robertson, via Minette Quick:

"Olivia would like this reminder put up on your websites as she wishes to encourage the expansion of new centres as widely as possible. Love Minette"


"Presiding Founders of existing Lyceums, Iseums, Groves & Priories of the Fellowship of Isis are empowered to issue appropriate Charters for members wishing to found new centres."

Olivia Robertson 16/6/2012

Archival link:  Founding of Centers Reminder

(photo of Olivia, by Minette, copyright reserved)

June 5, 2012

Olivia visits new Grove/Lyceum

From Olivia & Minette:
Olivia Robertson visits a new Grove/Lyceum in Ireland.
Please see this page for more photos and commentary:

(photos by Minette Quick, all rights reserved)

June 3, 2012

Blessings of the Lunar Eclipse!

Listen to Olivia Robertson in this archived recording:

(1:50min. 431kb)

Audio transcript:
"The Moon is the mirror both of the polarized rays of the Sun, and of Earth, when its shadow blackens the Moon. So those who fear the occulted Moon reject their own shadow!  The Moon symbolizes duality. . . the Moon is our sister planet and her influence moves both the tides of the sea and our own souls. In her darkness she shows us our own black image, the earth's shadow.. . So she is an enigma that conceals the truth. For everything in this physical world is but a reflection of greater spheres.   Harken to the Mystery of the Occulted Moon: 'And I beheld a mighty Goddess and Her head with its dark waving hair reached the heavens, and Her feet stood within the abyss and a black panther with blazing golden eyes was coiled about them. Her naked body was black as night and the only light therein were two white crescents about her majestic dark eyes. In Her hands She bore a rough rock of quartz. And I knew that She held the Moon and that She was Ngame'!"

(Photo of the "Shrine of the Moon" in the Temple of Isis, Clonegal Castle, by Minette Quick.  All rights reserved.)

June 1, 2012

Oracle of Aphrodite

The Oracle for June features the Goddess Aphrodite and has been uploaded here:

(Photo by Dennis Murphy from "Olivia Robertson, Priestess of Isis" DVD. All rights reserved.)

May 29, 2012

Updated Athena booklet

More chapters have been added to the booklet section "Athena, Arcadian Awakening" by Olivia Robertson.  This is not yet published as it is still in progress.  You may read what Olivia has written so far, including the introductions to the chapters at the following link:

May 27, 2012

Huntington Castle Website

From Minette Quick:

"Dear All,

Alexander Durdin-Robertson, who now runs a year-round programme of attractive events open to the public, including guided tours of the Grounds and Castle and so on, has invited our Fellowship websites to include a link to the Castle's own website at, so that visitors can get an overall picture of what is available at Clonegal nowadays and come along.

It might be an idea to make it clear that although the Fellowship refers to the Castle as 'Foundation Centre' or Clonegal Castle, which was its old name - and it is in the village of Clonegal on the borders of Counties Carlow and Wexford in Ireland - it is also known as Huntington Castle, and all general, non-FOI information, can only be found under that name.

There is no change to the usual 'Invitations' system for those wishing to attend any of the 8 annual festivals held by the FOI at the Castle by request via the Hon. Sec. of the Circle of Brigid which assists in running them.

Many good wishes,
(May 27, 2012)

Links: Invitations to FOI seasonal events
More about Clonegal / Huntington Castle

(Photo from Olivia Robertson, all rights reserved.)

May 20, 2012

Eclipse blessings!

Here is a short clip of Olivia Robertson as the Oracle of Hathor:

(1:36mins, 379kb)

Audio transcript:
"The sun is our Heaven, yours and Mine. Every dawn you see it rise and it culminates, and then it appears to leave you, sinking in the West. But in reality it is always there, awaiting you. For all of you are children of the sun. Your solar bodies are hidden in earthly flesh, as the sun is hidden during an eclipse. It is through your solar bodies of light and warmth that you hear not only the voices of those attuned to you on earth, but you also begin to receive words from the whole Company of Heaven. Your vision extends to seeing the divine form of myriad-colored Deities, and your minds are enabled to understand their spiritual teachings. Listen then for the voices of the Goddesses and Gods, and allow your vision to accept their presence. When the sun shines at day you do the works of earth: but when the outer sun is hidden in night, then is it time for your souls to awaken. The solar Spirit that shines in each of you and in all beings shines forth in glory!"

("The Sun Goddess Awakens" illustration by Olivia Robertson, copyright reserved.)

May 13, 2012

Changing Faces

Three new photos received from Olivia and Minette, one from Olivia's studio and two from the Temple of Isis, Clonegal Castle.  The photo above is the Altar of Juno within the Shrine of Cancer.  To see the others and read the commentary, please click here:


May 7, 2012

Illustration: Goddess Flora

Olivia shares this drawing of "Flora holding Rose of Hearts and Lily of Wisdom",  as well as conveys her thanks to everyone who wished her well on her birthday last month.  She also writes: "We had about 100 friends - from the village, family and members - a proper mix for She of a 1000 Names! Lots of Love & Blessings, Olivia."

(illustration by Olivia Robertson, 4/30/12, copyright reserved.  You may see photos and an account of her birthday in the April 24th post below.)

May 4, 2012

Changing Faces

Five new photos from Olivia's studio were received from Minette.  One is of a beautiful painting of "Brigid of Joy" by Olivia (see post below), and four other photos of paintings of Olivia's ancestors.  The woman above is Barbara St. Leger, Olivia's Great, Great, Great Ancestress who married Alexander Durdin.  Her cousin, Elizabeth St. Leger of Doneraile Court, was known as the only woman Freemason.

Please see the rest of the photos here:   Changing Faces

Brigid of Joy

"Brigid of Joy" by Olivia Robertson
(Photo by Minette Quick)

May 1, 2012

Oracle of the Goddess Sophia

The May Oracle has been uploaded and also includes audio this month of Olivia Robertson as the Oracle of Sophia.  Read and listen to it on this page:

(Photo of Olivia sitting by the High Altar, by Cathryn Anne Rogers.  All rights reserved.)

April 29, 2012

Changing Faces

Five new photos received today from Olivia Robertson and Minette Quick. This one is the fireplace in Olivia's drawing room, which now features the "Shrine of the Triple Goddess" and the "Shrine of Isis of the Stars." To see the other photos and read the commentary, please go to this link:

April 24, 2012

Olivia Robertson ~ Birthday Report

A lovely account of Olivia's 95th birthday celebration was just received from Minette Quick.  You may read it and see further photos of the day's events here:

(Photo by Minette Quick, copyright reserved.)

April 22, 2012

Happy Earth Day!

From "Gaea, Initiations of the Earth" by Olivia Robertson:

"I lapsed into unconsciousness and I descended through the earth and through time and through long memories of past lives. I fell through enveloping darkness and I reached flames of fire and a bitumous green molten lake with strange inhabitants like nothing I had ever imagined. And I sank still further into unconsciousness but I still held a thread of memory until I sank below even unconsciousness into death. And I passed a barrier and I was awake and I found myself within earth's heart. And there before me in realms of glory was a Goddess of surpassing beauty. Her hair shone golden like the sun and Her robe was the deep blue of the sea. And the greatness of Her aura filled the earth and reached the stars. She was brighter than a thousand suns. And I felt a happiness I have not ever felt before or since, for this was the Mother of us all."   

(Original illustration by Olivia Robertson entitled "Young Earth Is Sleeping".  Copyright reserved.)

April 15, 2012

New video clip of Olivia Robertson

In honor of Olivia's birthday, Logic Reality released a video clip of new footage. Thank you Dennis and Steven!

The DVD, "Olivia, Priestess of Isis" may be purchased at this link:  Olivia's DVD

April 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Olivia Robertson!

Happy 95th Birthday to Olivia Robertson,
co-founder of the Fellowship of Isis!

Click here to listen to her giving an Invocation of Isis:

"I invoke Isis, daughter of Nuit,
Who knows the secret name of Ra.
Oh Isis, bring us thou great enchantress to Eternal Life.
Evoe Isis Myrionymous!"

To read about Olivia and see more photos, visit her biography pages:  Olivia Robertson

(Photo copyright K. MacDonaugh. cropped from original. Please do not reproduce.)

April 12, 2012

Audio highlight: Moon Goddess

In honor of Olivia's birthday (tomorrow, the 13th of April), we have uploaded an audio file of her speaking of her experiences with the Moon Goddess:

(MP3 file: 6:46 mins. 1.5mg)

Audio transcript:
"In orthodox churches we were not encouraged when I was in the congregation, to have roses or mirrors. 'Rose-petals when they fall bring sweetness to all.' Lilies smell horrible, but they don't fall when they are old – they kept themselves to themselves. They die on the stem, on the altar. Roses mean romance: lilies - virtue. Mirrors show one – oneself. This might bring vanity.

When my brother and I created a Temple of Isis we chose another way. Our Temple was a labyrinth, and at each stage – through mirrors or indoor windows – you could see where you had been and where you were going. Go one way, left was past, right was future - go the other way, you see something completely different. I do remember the astonishment of one of our members when he thought he was alone, looking in a mirror – and then the reflected people began to move in and out. This was an indoor window. Even our outdoor windows were triple. On each side were mirrors that showed Mobius strips of endless reflections. They go on forever.

Recently I became enthusiastic about painting on mirrors – or putting painted cloths over them, which could be lifted. Why did I do this? Possibly this sprang from my own experiences of the Goddess of all mirrors – the Moon Goddess. We may never see Her face. She turns away.

My first lunar experience was in vision at night, on the 18th of October, 1977. I found myself at the end of a temple facing an altar. Behind the altar was a pale veil that loosely covered the whole background. Upon the altar was a silver stag’s head with eye closed, facing left. I found myself holding up my right arm and saying: 'I salute the altar.' The stag opened his eye, which was dark and looked at me. It reminded me of the haunting black eyes I had seen on Greek icons in Greece. From behind the veil appeared pale women’s arms gently waving. I advanced up the aisle when the stag-eye closed, and I stopped. I held up my arm and repeated the words, 'I salute the altar.' The stag opened his eye and looked at me. Then he closed it. Curiously, I felt his other eye hidden from me was golden. The arms once more appeared through the veil, women's arms, beckoning me. Then I heard a voice saying clearly: 'If you can bear it, do this for the third time.' So I approached the altar, lifted my arm and spoke. 'I salute the altar.' The stag’s eye opened and looked at me. It closed and the arms waved to me. With this a woman’s voice spoke clearly: 'What is your intention?' I felt that I was the first of many who were following me, and this was a very ancient Mystery. I answered: 'To reconcile the religion of Egypt with the tradition of Avalon.' The intention was accepted, and I was directed to leave by the right. I felt that others were behind me.

My next experience was not only in vision, because it affected my physical body. This was on the night of the full moon, on the 9th of March, 1982. I found myself in vision lying flat on a couch next to a friend, an occultist. Before us was a very tall woman. I once saw Dana and She also gave the appearance of having a different proportion to us humans – even 7-8 feet - much taller and beautifully proportioned. I could not see Her face, which she turned from me. I associated the colors of her filmy gown with the many colors of the moon – silvery, with a small touch of orange. She stopped and picked up a bottle containing saffron-colored oil with a sphere as stopper. She bent and anointed my friend’s forehead with this, thus forming a large circle. I was disappointed when She turned away, replacing the bottle. But then the Goddess picked up another bottle, and I thought it contained a violet-colored oil. She took out the stopper and bent over me. She made a full circle of the oil on my forehead. But still I could not see Her face. Now comes that sudden switch, when vision impacts on one’s waking mind and body. I was fully conscious of the fragrance of the oil which was both powerful and exquisitely beautiful. I lay awake for about ten minutes, then I got out of bed and went downstairs. It was ten to twelve. From the Castle balcony, looking over the yew walk to the south-east we can see the full moon. There was the full moon, and all this time I was experiencing the on-rush of electric-light power flow through me. First, I had felt it in my room, down the left side of my brain. When I entered the balcony, the power reached up my shoulder-blades. Finally it was like a white shining shower from some celestial fountain, as it flowed through my whole body from the top of my head to my feet.

Romantics search for The Immortal Beloved in the mirrored realm of Vision. I used the concept in our 'Wedding Rite.' The Maiden speaks: 'Some adore the Beloved in many lovely forms. Others honor the many in one loved face.' The Bard speaks: 'To find the Other you need to look within. Gaze deeply in a well; and you will find your Twin.' Now a Wise-Woman speaks: 'Look around you and you will find the Other! Gaze in a mirror: You will see your Brother.'

May you find your heart's desire, but know that the Immortal Beloved is always veiled. . ."

(Photo of Shrine of Isis, Osiris & Nephthys. Isis is painted on glass with a cloth background and Osiris is painted on the mirror above Her.  Nephthys is also painted on stone at the very top and the mask of Osiris is on the shroud on the left. Copyright Minette Quick.)

April 11, 2012

Entrance to the Temple of Isis through the Portico of Clonegal Castle.  Eight hand-carved granite columns surround the alcove of the Goddess Persephone, while the Goddess Atlanta welcomes those who follow the steps up to the Conservatory.  To be sent an invitation to the Castle's seasonal festivals, please see this page for contact information:

(Photo copyright protected, do not reproduce. Thank you.)

April 4, 2012

Fellowship of Isis Credo

Fellowship of Isis Credo:

We grow from the Earth
And we share Her fruits.
We fly with bright wings
And we reach the stars.
We are Immortal with all that is.
Evoe Isis!

At the Foundation Center, Clonegal Castle, attunement is offered daily, mornings and evenings, from 6:30 to 8:30 GMT.  Read and listen to Olivia Robertson invoke the FOI Prayers:  Prayers and Blessings

(Illustration by Olivia Robertson, please do not reproduce.)

Booklet highlight: Goddess Art of Olivia Robertson

Olivia writes:
"My writing expresses my mind and spirit:
art for me shows forth my intuition and heart."

This booklet contains forty illustrations of Goddess artwork by Olivia Robertson, with almost half of them in full color.  It includes a preface and introduction, written by her as well.

Please also enjoy our online art gallery of Olivia's works, which includes over 90 paintings and illustrations and continues to grow:  Online Art Gallery

April 1, 2012

Oracle of Sekhmet

The Goddess Sekhmet is featured in the April "Oracle of the Month":

(Photo by Dennis Murphy from "Olivia Robertson, Priestess of Isis" DVD. All rights reserved.)

March 24, 2012

Changing Faces of the Temple

Three new photos were received this morning from Olivia and Minette. This is the High Altar of Ishtar and Tammuz. Please click on the link to see the other two photos and read the commentary about the boy and the girl portraits:

March 20, 2012

Happy Anniversary FOI & Equinox Blessings!

The Fellowship of Isis was founded 36 years ago, on the Vernal Equinox of 1976, by Olivia, Lawrence and Pamela Durdin-Robertson.  Happy anniversary FOI!

The photo is of the Old Abbey at Clonegal Castle in the springtime.  In addition, here is a short audio clip of Olivia giving an Earth blessing:

(MP3 file, 34 secs. 137 kb)

Audio transcript:
"Know that Nature in reality is perfect . .  unpoisoned . . . pure . . . healthy, and bring these life-giving rays of the eternal beauty of Nature into our Earth. Let us send forth these green rays - green and blue and gold - to all our Earth. . ."

(Photo copyright Olivia Robertson, with additional cropping and enhancement by this website.)

March 19, 2012

Changing Faces of the Temple

Five new photos of the "Changing Faces of the Temple", received from Olivia and Minette. The one above is "The Shrine of Andromeda Constellation." Please click on the link to view the other photos and commentary: