September 22, 2011

Shrine of Libra

Blessings of the Sun in Libra and Happy Equinox!  The Shrine of Libra at the Foundation Center of Clonegal Castle is pictured above.  It shows a statue of the Goddess Etain, which was carved by the late David Durdin-Robertson.  She is bestowing a blessing upon the animals that surround Her. The back wooden panel is by William Morris and features an inlaid fleur-de-lis.  This altar is located in the Well Chapel of Brigid within the Temple of Isis.

This month we offer a meditation on the Window of Libra in the Temple of the Zodiac, recorded by Olivia Robertson in a past rite.  Click on the link below to listen:

(MP3 file: 5:30 minutes / 1.25mb)

Transcript of Recording:

"How honored we are to be climbing the hill towards the Temple of the Zodiac.  As we gaze at the stars wheeling around us, we realize that each star is the home of Divine intelligences and even mightier Beings and Deities who preside over whole galaxies.  Is beyond our believing, yet each of us has a spark of star within us and we belong to the body of the Cosmic Mother.  On we climb, up the hill, and we reflect that as each star is haven of Deities, bright beings we may become, yet there are also planets encircling, which are planetary schools for us, as is our Earth.  We face the south-west portal of the Temple.  It is flanked by mighty winged Sphinxes.  Pass the Sphinxes and we enter.  Look upon the twelve walls, these beautiful stained-glass windows are each crowned with a sign of the Zodiac.

"Come to the west window surrounded by the seventh sign, Libra: the scales of equal day and night, autumn and spring.  The picture shows a Goddess beneath an Aspen tree, cradling the Yin-Yang egg. Think of a Goddess cradling it. The Consort of the Goddess encircles Her with His arms. Below we read the ancient words:  'The aspen will detain, The egg will all explain; Seek not; yourself be sought. All other search in vain.'

"A mighty wind rushes through the Temple, throwing open the window - feel this wind pouring through.  We see through it the glittering constellation of Libra with its 28 stars. The star Se Han forms the south-western pan of the scales. Approach the window!  Look at the constellation of Libra and enter into entirely other landscape of soft beauty, into this happy land of the Goddess Kwan Yin, full of all we have ever longed for, land of our heart's longing. Here we have the company of those we love, forever - or - as long as we choose.  We make our own space and time in Infinity.   Here grow the Peaches of Immortality.   Taste them if you can find them.  Those who have tasted these peaches may ever return, if they have the will to do so.

"Here, all are reconciled:  love and truth, philosophy and religion, peace and activity.  Above all we find harmony within ourselves and with others.  Here is harmony with all Nature.  Judgment is not judging others: it is having the judgment to bring harmony so there's no loss to any.  Peace can only come with justice.  Let us do justice to ourselves, and so we will be just to all, and so the Law of Love and Harmony prevails. 

"Thus, in harmony with ourselves, we are part of the Cosmos and the Music of the Spheres."

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(Photo by Olivia Robertson with additional cropping & enhancement by this website. All rights reserved.)