July 19, 2011

Message from Olivia in London

Druidess. Festival of Opet, Isis the Awakener
From Olivia Robertson
July 19, 2011

To all Global Centres of The Fellowship of Isis and
The Druid Clan of Dana and The Noble Order of Tara:

I have been overwhelmed by the needs of my friends the Hopi, Mayans, and Polynesians and other Native American peoples both North and South to save their whole life-style from well meaning but disastrous intervention.

Now at last the Divine Command of the Earth Goddess has been heard as Druidess Caroline Wise was summoned to see Her Excellency the Bolivian Ambassador to London to help the Earth Goddess and the indigenous people. The Ambassadress has said we are five minutes to midnight to saving the earth, and that the earth goddess Patchamama is now officially recognised by the Bolivian government.

If we want to help, each of us can light a candle to the Earth Goddess that we may perform her Divine Will to save the Earth. Not our will, her will by forming a network of lights around the earth.

Olivia Robertson

From Caroline:
I was very honoured to be asked to a meeting at the Bolivian Embassy by the Ambassador to Britain Maria Beatriz Souviron to discuss the summer solstice significance at Stonehenge, and the goddess. I was also asked to describe our own beliefs in the Fellowship of Isis. I told her about our work in the Druid Clan of Dana and the Noble Order of Tara. Vivianne Crowley represented Wicca. Please see my report in the latest Isian News. (http://www.isiannewsfoi.org/) The ambassador said we are five minutes to midnight regarding the diminution of earth’s resources. She was aware that the pagan practice of the Bolivian indigenous people have similarities with modern ‘Western’ pagan practice. While I am aware that there are also differences that may not be in accord with my own practice, the important thing is that the Goddess has been officially recognised by a democratically elected government and this will lead to more recognition of the Goddess world wide.

To help with this restoration of the Goddess, I sanction Olivia’s suggestion that we light candles and send the light forth to the indigenous people of the world. Five minutes to midnight on any day convenient to you would be a good time to do this; if this is not possible, then any time could be symbolic of ‘five minutes to midnight’.

Caroline Wise


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