June 6, 2011

Regarding Visits to the Castle

Received this morning from Minette Quick, Hon. Sec. of the Circle of Brigid:

"Now that the season for Guided Tours of the Castle and Grounds is open for the summer months of June, July and August, I would be grateful if you would make it clear under FAQ's that general questions regarding visits to Huntington Castle for Guided Tours of the Castle and Grounds, and non-FOI events such as concerts etc., should be addressed to http://www.huntingtoncastle.com/.

Members wishing to come to one of our Fellowship Festivals at Huntington should continue to contact hon.sec.circleofbrigid@gmail.com for an invitation. It should be noted that these Festivals are private events and are not advertised on-line anywhere. The Castle is a private home and is not open to the public except for advertised events.

Thank you so much.
Minette Quick (hon.sec.circleofbrigid)"