June 14, 2011

More Changing Faces!

Four more new photos of the Temple were received from Olivia this morning, via Minette. Enjoy!


Working directly on the wall, Olivia has now extended her beautiful full-length portrait of Hathor around the curves of the wall, which shows off Her lovely flowing hair, shoulder and arms to perfection. This painting now provides a wonderful welcome to visitors, as they come down the last few steps into the Temple.

In the Shrine of the Anthrosphinx Bast now faces a harvest wreath as She is Protectress of the Harvest at the time of the Inundation of the Nile, between Leo &Virgo.

Directly facing the Anthrosphinx is the Granite Dolmen doorway of the Cave of The Mothers and the Shrine of Opet. Celebrated on 23rd July, also between Leo & Virgo.

This Shrine of Osiris, Nephythys & Isis leads us to the main scene of Opet within the Cave. The Winged Isis restores Osiris to life. We also are reborn through the Divine Wife, the Divine Mother! So are we all. (OR)
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(Photos copyright Minette Quick with additional cropping/enhancement by this website.)