March 13, 2011

The Changing Faces of the Temple

Photos and commentary received this morning via Minette Quick from Olivia Robertson:

The Mirror in the Labyrinth - Ishtar Altar

"This chapel of the Non-Zodiac Stars is centre of our Temple Labyrinth.
The main altar of the Goddess Ishtar of the 8-pointed star, Lady of 15
shows a "Mirror of Hathor," which reflects the soul's dreams.
Ishtar is painted on the surface.
She descended the Planes to rescue her Lover, Tammuz
Shepherd of the Starry Flocks.
The Goddess Tiamat of space is painted
with outspread wings on the altar frontal.
(Paintings by OR) "

Hathor's Mirror - Members' Chapel 
"Olivia speaks at length about her mystical experiences looking
through mirrors so she suggested I also take a photograph of
Hathor's Mirror in the Members' Chapel which she recently repainted.
(These were taken on Wed. 9th March 2011)"

Masks of the God Apollo in Toga & the Veiled God Dionysos  

"The primary dichotomy between TRUTH & LOVE
was represented in Greek philosophy by these Deities.
At one time they shared their ceremonies at The Parthenon
to bring balance. Then Dionysos burnt down the Temple!
Apollo and the 9 Muses preside over Mount Parnassos
and Dionysos in wild woodland.
The Academic world and the Nature votaries still require Harmony."

Gangur's Shrine

Minette adds: "I'm sure you all loved Gangur's new Shrine - it now has a delightful green canopy over it, so I had to send an updated photograph of it for you!" (taken 3/12/11)

We have also added a new section to the Fellowship of Isis Homepage Archive, so you can easily view the ongoing changes in the Temple.  This "Temple Updates" link may be found on the left column under "Clonegal Castle", as well as in the Photo Gallery section.

New section:   Changing Faces of the Temple

Archival link:  Changing Faces March 13th, 2011

Our sincere thanks as always to Minette and Olivia!  Photos copyright M. Quick, with additional enhancement by this website.