February 6, 2011

The Changing Faces of the Temple

The Most Rev. Minette Quick writes:

"Olivia was so happy, busily preparing the Temple for our Imbolc Festival which took place on Saturday, 5th February 2011. I went to visit her this Friday and took a look at her work and took photographs to share with you all. The truth is that the Temple is never the same for long, it is a living creation and one which she takes great joy in. The energy was absolutely wonderful on Saturday and the Temple was glowing. We had a wonderful time together celebrating Brigid's Time of the year.

"The first photo is, of course, of The High Altar with the Goddess Isis, veiled with the Veil of Bride for the "Ceremony of Unveiling of Truth" which was enacted by the Priesthood."

"The second is of the Pisces Altar of Psyche with her emblems, her lamp and butterfly."

"The third shows Olivia's painting of the MerGoddess Derceto, under the window on the right of Brigid-na-Mara over the Well; the Goddess Gangur from Rajasthan stands beside the Well, She is the Protectress of Women against excessive violence."

Archival Link: Changing Temple

Our thanks to Olivia for all the hard work she puts into the Temple, and to Minette Quick for sharing her beautiful photos!