February 24, 2011

FOI & DCD Manuals - 2011 versions

Wings of Isis

The 2011 versions of the Fellowship of Isis & Druid Clan of Dana manuals are now available.  As usual, these include policy and any other updates/additions that have been issued to the FOI by Olivia Robertson since the last versions were printed.  These booklets are 8.5" x 5.5" format, $7.00 each, and are offered on this page:

Rites & Practices
of the DCD

(Booklets printed by FOI-Crossroads Media, provided through the Fellowship of Isis Homepage Archive.)

February 19, 2011

Shrine of Pisces

Blessings of the Sun in Pisces! The above photo is the current Shrine of Pisces, in the Temple of Isis of Clonegal Castle.  The two photos below are earlier versions, showing how this Shrine has evolved over the years.

Olivia Robertson writes in the Fellowship of Isis Liturgy:

"Comrades on the quest for Truth and Virtue, know that the constellation of Pisces now contains the place of the Vernal Equinox, and the Fishes are called Leaders of the Celestial Host. The Magi saw them as two mighty forces held together by the Cord, the Yoga or Yoke of religion, which means 'to bind'. Thus those who dwell under this influence learn self-control, and through such discipline have authority over those under their aegis. Fishes were seen as emblems of chastity, and the monastery and convent represented a fishpond rather than the open sea. . .

"The restraint of the cord holds in equilibrium the union of opposites. . . In ancient times the constellation of Pisces was seen as a mighty Goddess with the tail of a fish, worshipped as Atargatis in Syria, Parthia, Rome, the Danube lands and in England. . .

"Companions, let us contemplate the constellation of Pisces! We see the pale form of the fishes, the North-Western fish's tail near Aries holding the place of the Spring Equinox. Above shines Andromeda and her Mother Cassiopeia. Flying near the Eastern fish is the glorious winged horse Pegasus! Below Pegasus, replenishing the sea of Heaven is Aquarius and below the fishes is Cetus the whale. When Dione with Her Son Cupid fled from Cetus, the Goddess was rescued by the Piscean fishes, who carried Her and Cupid to safety on their backs. For Venus is exalted in Pisces and none may harm Her who rules the starry sea! Behold the river Fluvius Eridanus flowing below Cetus, and to the East of the fishes rises the White Bull of the Sea, Taurus.
"Know that the constellation of Pisces brings dreams and fantasies and the sound of distant bells of forgotten lands below the sea. . ."
(First two photos by Minette Quick, the third by Olivia Robertson - all cropped and enhanced. Wooden panel carved by William Morris.)
Homepage Archive link: Shrines of the Zodiac

February 6, 2011

The Changing Faces of the Temple

The Most Rev. Minette Quick writes:

"Olivia was so happy, busily preparing the Temple for our Imbolc Festival which took place on Saturday, 5th February 2011. I went to visit her this Friday and took a look at her work and took photographs to share with you all. The truth is that the Temple is never the same for long, it is a living creation and one which she takes great joy in. The energy was absolutely wonderful on Saturday and the Temple was glowing. We had a wonderful time together celebrating Brigid's Time of the year.

"The first photo is, of course, of The High Altar with the Goddess Isis, veiled with the Veil of Bride for the "Ceremony of Unveiling of Truth" which was enacted by the Priesthood."

"The second is of the Pisces Altar of Psyche with her emblems, her lamp and butterfly."

"The third shows Olivia's painting of the MerGoddess Derceto, under the window on the right of Brigid-na-Mara over the Well; the Goddess Gangur from Rajasthan stands beside the Well, She is the Protectress of Women against excessive violence."

Archival Link: Changing Temple

Our thanks to Olivia for all the hard work she puts into the Temple, and to Minette Quick for sharing her beautiful photos!