April 30, 2010

New Photos of Castle Shrines

These photos were taken by Archdruidess Minette Quick, with descriptive notes added by Olivia Robertson. They show many of the additions that Olivia has made recently to the Temple shrines, including her paintings on silken scarves, mirrors and windows.

You may enjoy more of Olivia Robertson's beautiful artwork at the following links as well:

Temple of Isis Paintings

Online Art Gallery

"ISHTAR, Lady of 15 of the 8 pointed Star. Goddess of Love and Beauty of Babylon. She descended through 7 Spheres to rescue her lover, TAMMUZ, Shepherd of the Starry Flocks. They ascended, joining Heaven and Earth. The silk painting of Ishtar is by Olivia Robertson."

"DANA of the Druid Clan of Dana. Mother of the Danaan Deities. Painting by Olivia Robertson of Dana as She appeared to her in Dublin 1952 bringing great happiness. Plaque of Dana of Nature is shown with hair of oak leaves."

"The Golden Winged Goddess now has a Golden Boy with Her at the Healing Well of the Goddess Brighid in Her Chapel for Child Wellbeing."

April 28, 2010

Co-ordination of FOI Global Centres

Co-ordination of FOI Global Centres
Message from Olivia Robertson, Co. Founder 27/4/2010

With the growth of the Fellowship, the service provided online by the Global Sites will become more and more vital to those who wish to learn about the Goddess. The Global Sites will be the gateway, particularly to the many isolated members all over the world, to whom the contact means so much. Already there are members in 132 countries and the Liturgy has been translated into many different languages.

In view of this and for the future of the Fellowship overall, there is a growing need for a co-ordinated approach to the provision of information for members. It will be necessary for the Global Sites, which naturally have developed along slightly different lines, to keep in touch with each other, in a unified way, in order to keep a fully updated list of what is available to our members, so that they will be able to access what they need. New members need to learn about the Fellowship. They need easy access and links to Iseums and Lyceums, Groves of the Druid Clan of Dana, and Priories of the Noble Order of Tara. Whichever Global Site they initially access, they should be able to find the same list of contacts and links to other Sites to further their search for a group they might wish to join. They should be introduced to the expanding list of facilities both online and offline provided by Fellowship members to serve their particular interests be it in art, nature, the fairy realm, or any of the many and diverse expressions of love for the Goddess. Links to upcoming events and activities would be included.

I call upon all present and future Global Centres to provide each other with regular updates of information and links to the work of the Fellowship. Heartening messages are received daily at our Centres, describing spiritual help received through counselling, teaching and distance healing.

(Received via Minette Quick on April 28, 2010)
Archival Link:  Global Centers Co-ordination

April 17, 2010

Olivia's 93rd Birthday Photos

Archpriestess Minette Quick writes:

I thought you would enjoy these photos of Olivia taken on her Birthday, beside two of her latest Shrines. She had a lovely day, not only did the Sun shine brightly, but we went out to lunch on the day with two of our priestesses from Waterford and quite incidentally met up with a lady living locally who loves Egypt so much that she travels there three times a year. She had been to see round the Castle on one of the Summer Tours and loved it. We hope to see her from now on at our Festivals.

Best wishes to all,

Shrine of the Daughter of Gaia of the New Aeon

Ghandarvi Devi Shrine in the Chapel of Harmony

Archival Link:  Olivia's 93rd Birthday Photos

April 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Olivia!

We join with all members in wishing Olivia Robertson a very happy 93rd birthday today!

To see more photos of this much beloved co-founder and learn more about her, please see her biography page.

Temple of Isis, Clonegal Castle Reminder

A message received today via Minette Quick, from Olivia Robertson:

Reminder about the Temple of Isis, Clonegal Castle, Ireland:

The Circle of Brigid will continue to organize the 8 yearly FOI Festivals after the passing of the Hon. Olivia Robertson, Co-Founder. Members will continue to be welcomed every day to the Temple of Isis from 1st June to 1st September. Meanwhile Olivia is still around and active!

To read more about the Circle of Brigid, and to be invited to any of the seasonal festivals, please see this page:  Circle of Brigid

April 12, 2010

Shrines of Stella Maris & Ghandarvi Devi

Below are two new photos from Minette Quick, recently taken in the Temple of Isis at Clonegal Castle. The first is in the Star Chapel of Ishtar, and is the Stella Maris shrine entitled "Beautiful Dreamer". The second is the newly gold-painted Ghandarvi Devi statue in the Chapel of Harmony.

Archival links: Chapel of Ishtar & Other Shrines