February 18, 2019

Sun in Pisces

Olivia Robertson wrote in the book "Sophia": 
"Comrades on the quest for Truth and Virtue, know that the constellation of Pisces now contains the place of the Vernal Equinox, and the Fishes are called Leaders of the Celestial Host. The Magi saw them as two mighty forces held together by the Cord, the Yoga or Yoke of religion, which means 'to bind'. Thus those who dwell under this influence learn self-control, and through such discipline have authority over those under their aegis. Fishes were seen as emblems of chastity, and the monastery and convent represented a fishpond rather than the open sea. . . In ancient times the constellation of Pisces was seen as a mighty Goddess with the tail of a fish, worshipped as Atargatis in Syria, Parthia, Rome, the Danube lands and in England."

(Shrine of Pisces, FOI Foundation Center Temple, photo by Minette Quick, copyright reserved.)

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February 13, 2019

The Tapestry of Life

"To find the Other is to find Oneself:
All Nature is expressed in one loved face."

"So says the Bard of the Druids in our Isis Wedding Rite. To unite with another soul is the goal of the Lover: through this devotion selfishness and loneliness fade away. When twin souls unite in Divine Union, it is through discovery of The Immortal Beloved that they find their own real selves. Such is the truth underlying the Egyptian myth of Isis and Osiris, perfect wife and husband. In classical Greece, Plato brought forth the ideal of twin souls divided and discovering reunion through love. Centuries later medieval troubadours travelled throughout Europe singing of fulfilment through the romantic devotion of lovers. Within our secret dreams, we have this knowledge in ourselves. But one is not for ever able to concentrate on one other person, excluding all others! To find the other is indeed to find oneself. But this very love is creative, and kindles a like flame in receptive hearts. Families become friendly. Children are drawn into incarnation. Friendship expands to include animals, birds, trees and flowers, in an ever widening circle. Through this increasing community, an elaborate interrelationship is woven; a tapestry of glowing colours and intricate design. Each new friendly connexion makes an additional knot in this tapestry of life."

(Introduction to the 'Isis Wedding Rite' by Olivia Robertson, artwork by Olivia Robertson, attributed to both Arachne and Tara; copyrights reserved.)

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February 9, 2019

Festival Report: Imbolc

"We were asked to consider the quality of light we 
pour forth into the world and reminded how the love 
we instil always finds a way to return to us abundantly."

The report on the Imbolc festival held at the FOI Foundation Center, along with a reminder of the submissions deadline for the next INIV, may be read here:

(report by Olwen Pendred and photo by Minette Quick, © reserved)

February 1, 2019

Feb. Oracle: Goddess Selene

"Know that each creature is a
sacred expression of unique creativity."

This month's Oracle is from the Goddess Selene and includes audio of Olivia Robertson.  Read and listen by clicking on the following link:

(Photo © Dennis Murphy, from "Olivia Robertson, Priestess of Isis".)