December 22, 2018

Sun enters Capricorn

Blessings of the Sun in Capricorn! Click on the link below to listen to an audio file of Olivia Robertson speaking of the constellation of Capricorn in a past rite:

(mp3 file - 517 kb - 2:12 mins)

Audio transcript:
"We move towards the North, to the window of Capricorn.  It is mighty and vivid with colors that seem to be alive.  Above the window is the sign of Capricorn.  We see a stained-glass picture of a goat, with fish's tail, accompanied by a Green Man crowned with leaves, and a mermaid holding a cornucopia - every sort of good thing, fruit and wheat.  We like the Green Man too, with his comical expression, his golden halo and his antlers and his leaves. However, suddenly the wind blows the window open and we face the actual constellation of Capricorn in its spiritual form.. . The Magi of old called Capricorn "Altera Solis Porta": the starry gateway for souls to enter heaven.  Here we gaze at the stars and hope for a vision of the Earth Goddess, who is our Goddess of the Earth, Nerthus.  For we know that She is crowned with the stars, holds the earth in her hands and has the moon on Her brow and the sun as a robe.  We accept the gifts of earth - trees and flowers and animals and birds.  We adore Her and She is in all beings, as is Her green Consort.  We are whole.  May the blessings of the Goddess Nerthus bring you wisdom and peace, now and forever."

(Photo of the Shrine of Capricorn, Foundation Center Temple by Minette Quick. © Photo and audio copyrights reserved.)

Archival Links:

Winter letter from Cressida Pryor

"Hope that despite bleak times and suffering
there is light beyond; that there can be
miraculous changes however small."
You can read the entire Midwinter letter from Cressida Pryor here:

December 21, 2018

Season's Greetings!

The above artwork is by Olivia Robertson.  It is from the cover of her book "The Call of Isis", printed in 1975, one year before the founding of the Fellowship.  You may hear Olivia speak of one of her experiences of Isis in this historic audio clip:

(mp3 / 1 min / 426kb)

Audio transcript:
"My own dedication came from sudden awareness of identity with the White Light of Isis, a shining silver-white feminine figure with wide shining lightning flashes extending from either side of her head – this encompassed the stars. So I learnt that without Truth, Love becomes dissipated. I have always received inspiration from Those outside myself. I received this teaching: 'Approach Truth with courage: Love with humility.' Divine reality pervades every being. I learnt to honour the truth in all faiths and philosophies. To accept Deity in each creature and atom, I felt the love within all are born of The Great Mother of All.  Which makes us equal with everyone, everything.  I write this to bring hope."

You may also read another account of Olivia's experience in the eighth chapter of "The Call of Isis" here:  Channels of Power

Holiday Blessings to all,

December 18, 2018

Festival Report: Winter Solstice

"The return to the Light 
must happen in each heart."

The report on the Winter Solstice festival held at the FOI Foundation Center may be read here:

(report and photo of the River Derry by Sarah Nolan)

December 17, 2018

Foundation Center newsletter

The latest issue of the FOI Foundation Center newsletter is now online.  You may read it at the following page:

December 1, 2018

December Oracle: Goddess Eloha

"By experiencing the Divine Spirit within yourself 
you become attuned to the same Spirit 
within each person, animal, bird, tree, stream."

This month's Oracle is from the Goddess Eloha.  It includes an audio clip of Olivia Robertson and you may read and listen by clicking on the following link:

(Photo copyright Dennis Murphy from the "Olivia Robertson, Priestess of Isis" DVD.)