October 30, 2017

Samhain Letter from Cressida Pryor

"We all return to the earth eventually
but the essence of the eternal Love that we live is ongoing."

The Samhain letter from Cressida Pryor, FOI Steward, may be read in full by clicking on the link below:

October 22, 2017

Sun in Scorpio

Blessings of the Sun moving into Scorpio!  You may listen to an audio file of Olivia Robertson, giving a past meditation here:

The Window of Scorpio Meditation
(mp3 file - 1 MB - 5 minutes)

Audio transcript:
"Visualize the Temple of all your dreams, surrounded by a rainbow of light .. . we enter through the southwest portal flanked by two mighty female sphinxes, wings reaching the glimmering roof. Now we notice four statues of a bull, a lion, an eagle and an angel! Let us approach the window of Scorpio in the West, overlooked by the golden eagle. We approach this window and seat ourselves before this stained glass surmounted by the sign of Scorpio. The picture shows a man in green robes holding aloft a wand entwined with a green and red cobra with raised hood. By him is a woman in purple robes, who is riding up on her tiger with her arms around his neck. Suddenly a wind rushes through the Temple, throwing open the window. Through it we see the brilliant ten stars of Scorpio shining above a mountain by the sea.

"You find yourself floating towards a red and emerald star, Antares. As you approach, you see a colour-filled land where fulfilled desires may be enjoyed. Think of this, enter this place - but beware! Do not lose yourself, caught by obsessive passions. Enter the paradise of fulfilled desire. Enjoy what you have longed for in your heart, and dared not feel. This divine within us - desire . . . love . . . but with it may come the desire of power over those we love. We face this in ourselves, to keep them safe within our own arms. With this comes jealousy, fear, hatred against a rival. . . there is the danger of total subservience, surrender to one person, one cause, one overriding desire. The cause for which we kill, for which we are manipulated. . .we are followers shouting slogans, filled with the obsessive passion for tribe . . . for ideal . . . for leader. And is the leader enslaved by passions?

"Here is the place of alchemy, these passions must be realized to be transmuted into Love, Beauty, Truth. The Truth of the idea, the Love within the passion. All evil slips away, transmuted into good. The power of the passions is enjoyed. And so we are enabled to receive love as well as give it, to give it as well as to receive. We regret being called back. We leave Antares, slowly withdraw, back away from this wonderful star, and come back before the stars by the doorway, of the Temple of the Zodiac."

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(Shrine of Scorpio in the Well Chapel at the Castle Foundation Center, copyright reserved. The altar cloth displays the FOI's Cosmic Web of the Universe.)

October 10, 2017

Tara of the Oracles

"Tara of the Oracles, The Alchemical Twins Face the Fates" is now available in paperback.  It includes 26 Liturgy rites and 14 illustrations by Olivia Robertson.
Olivia wrote in the introduction: "Now I propose taking the twins on a zodiac pilgrimage through the Tarot, because this brings them into contact with fellow pilgrims. They start off alone and end as part of a spiritual family. Well, that is to be hoped! If they fail – they can always try again. There is all the time in the world."
This book may be ordered through Amazon.com (or any other bookstore), and by public libraries as well.  You may also read it in full at any time on our website:

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October 1, 2017

Oct. Oracle: Radha

"When you invoke the Goddess, you may not succeed
unless you awaken the Goddess within yourself!"
The Oracle for October is from the Goddess Radha.  You may read it in full and listen to audio by clicking on the link below: 
(photo of Olivia Robertson in the Cave of the Mothers, Foundation Center Temple, copyright M. Quick.)