March 27, 2017

Detail: Shrine of Aries

Above the lintel of the Shrine of Aries,
Isis blessing the plants;
carving by David Durdin-Robertson.
(photo copyright Minette Quick)

March 19, 2017

Happy 41st Anniversary FOI!

Happy 41st Anniversary to the Fellowship of Isis and Equinox blessings of the Sun in Aries!
To listen to a historic guided meditation from Olivia Robertson on the "Celebration of Spring in Aries" and view the accompanying photos, please go to the this page:
(photo of Huntington/Clonegal Castle in Springtime by Durdin-Robertson; cropped photo of Olivia at Castle belvedere; both photos copyright reserved.)

March 18, 2017

Cressida Pryor: Spring Letter

"Our strength is to be able to adapt and access
a continuous process in which we can trust."

Click below to read Cressida Pryor's Spring Equinox Letter to the  FOI:



March 16, 2017

Song of the Children of Lir

Song of the Children of Lir
"In the day we plant flowers and trees.
At night-time we fly on swan's wings
as Immortals in Tir na nOg."

(Song and drawing by Olivia Robertson, copyright reserved.)

Archival Link:
Fellowship of Isis Prayers & Blessings

March 7, 2017

The Junonalia

Entry for March 7th in "Juno Covella" by Lawrence Durdin-Robertson:
Roman: JUNO; The Junonalia. (Philocalus, Kai. anno 354) "March 7. Junonalia."  (Enc. Brit. 1810 ed.) "Junonalia, a festival observed by the Romans in honour of Juno. It was instituted on account of certain prodigies that happened in Italy, and was celebrated by matrons. In the solemnity . . two images of Juno, made of cypress, were borne in procession. Then marched 27 girls, habited in long robes, singing a hymn to the goddess; then came the decemviri, crowned with laurel, in vestments edged with purple. This pompous company, going through the Vicus Fugarius, had a dance in the great field of Rome; from thence they proceeded through the Forum Boarium to the temple of Juno . . and the cypress images were left standing. This festival . . is fully described by Livy, lib. vii. dec. 3. The hymn used upon the occasion was composed by Livius the poet."
(photo of Shrine of Juno/Cancer, Foundation Center Temple, copyright M. Quick)
Archival Link:

March 1, 2017

Fellowship of Isis March Oracle

"Allow Truth to cleanse your minds
as a strong wind brings renewal."
This month's Oracle is from the Goddess Isis. Click below to read it in full and also listen to audio of the late Olivia and Lawrence Durdin-Robertson giving the Invocation and Oracle:
(photo of Lawrence and Olivia at the FOI Temple Sanctuary, copyright reserved)