October 28, 2016

Art highlight: The Morrigan

Olivia Robertson wrote in "Urania":

"The Cauldron of Plenty is bestowed by Morrigan the Maid, called Badb the Crow. The Badb appears to heroes in all her youthful loveliness as the Washer by the Ford. And the Ford is through that river which is at the World's End in the West, for beyond it lies the realm of the Sidhe, called Tir na nOg, Land of everlasting youth. This country is invisible to mortal eye, and lies below, upon and above the mighty Western ocean that once overwhelmed Atlantis. Its bells may be heard from the deeps, and the sound of maidens singing entice sailors to cast themselves from their ships to seek lost beauty. And the purple mountains reach into the sky with rainbow shafts of light that are pathways to the stars. When in your wanderings, you may come upon the Badb by a Ford washing dust and blood from your earthly armour, know that your time has come to cross the river of death to the other realm of the Sidhe. But fear not: Her cauldron of Plenty holds the food and drink of immortality. The Divine Virgin is ever compassionate: for those in need the cauldron is never empty."

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(The Morrigan artwork by Olivia Robertson, copyright reserved)

October 22, 2016

Sun in Scorpio

Blessings of the Sun in Scorpio! 
Olivia Robertson wrote in the book Sophia:
"Behold the constellation of the Scorpion, lurking between the equator and the Tropic of Capricorn. See its claws and the fiery Antares, its Eye! Its sting is in its tail and it emerges from the sea of heaven, in pursuit of Orion who flees far across the sky. Hot in pursuit is Sagittarius with his bow, and above him is Hercules, who when he was a child strangled two serpents in his cradle. Below him is the giant Ophiuchus, holding the twisting constellation of Serpens the snake. Ophiuchus was revered by the Greeks as representing their deified healer Aesculapius, whose emblem was a staff entwined with a snake. Some saw Ophiuchus as Chiron the centaur, wise in knowledge of healing herbs. Observe that the right foot of the giant rests upon the serpent's head. That which poisons may also cure."
(photo of the Shrine of Scorpio, Foundation Center Temple, copyright reserved.)
Archival Link:  Fellowship of Isis Liturgy

October 14, 2016

Prayer to Ishtar

Click to hear Olivia Robertson speak a prayer to Ishtar in a past rite:
(mp3 / 44 sec. / 349 kb)
Audio transcript:
"O Mother of the Gods, Ishtar, Lady of Mankind, who maketh the green herb to spring up, who created all things, who guideth the whole of Creation, a prayer will we utter in unison with those of ancient Babylon, who prayed to thee thus: O Mother Ishtar, whose side no God can approach, O exalted Lady, that which appears good to thee, do thou unto us! We pray for our Earth and all the creatures and green herbs and trees thereon."
(photo of the Shrine of Ishtar, copyright Minette Quick)

October 10, 2016

Seasonal Festivals

Daily tours of the Castle are now over until next summer, but you can still attend the Seasonal Festivals at the FOI Foundation Center by invitation:

(photo of Temple Portico, Clonegal Castle, Enniscorthy)

October 1, 2016

Oct. Oracle: Goddess Kwan Yin

"Truly, My children, your greatest need is not
for earthly sustenance, but for spiritual food."

October's Oracle is from the Goddess Kwan Yin.    Click on the following link to read it and also listen to an audio clip of Olivia Robertson:

(Photo copyright Dennis Murphy, from "Olivia Robertson, Priestess of Isis" DVD.)