February 26, 2015

Women in the Arts, Crafts and Professions

Women in the Arts, Crafts and Professions by Lawrence Durdin-Robertson has been uploaded to our website in PDF format.  You may read it in full by going to this page and clicking on the link to the book title:
(Copyright reserved by the Durdin-Robertson family, with our sincere thanks for their permission to publish these works.)

February 23, 2015

Audio Highlight: Realm of Magonia

Click to hear Olivia Robertson give a meditation from a past ritual:

The Realm of Magonia - Audio
(mp3 /404kb/1:43 min)

Audio transcript:
"Behold the Sea of Heaven. In the depths of its ocean swim the fishes of Pisces Australis, and the lovely Hebe and Ganymede of Aquarius draw water from the River of Heaven, Eridanus. Cetus the Whale welcomes those whales slaughtered upon earth, now free to roam infinite oceans! The mystical fish of Pisces are lost in contemplation as they glide through green oceans. Arion sports with his friend the dolphin of Delphinus. Nearby the little white horses of Manannan, the Pegassids, gallop as meteors over the green pastured islands of the horse Equuleus. Look! balanced precariously on pointed coral rocks stand the wild sea goats of Capricornus. And, glorious in his strength, starry Pegasus rises out of foaming breakers, water dripping as meteors from his silver mane. His mighty outstretched wings lift him high into the heavens to join the Eagle and the Swan, and lovely Princess Andromeda in the arms of her lover, Perseus. Let us in our astral bodies join them, and find joy in our freedom to swim and fly!"
("The Blue Heaven" illustration (courtesy of M. Quick) and meditation both by Olivia Robertson, copyright reserved)

February 18, 2015

Blessings of Pisces

"Comrades on the quest for Truth and Virtue, know that the constellation of Pisces now contains the place of the Vernal Equinox, and the Fishes are called Leaders of the Celestial Host. The Magi saw them as two mighty forces held together by the Cord, the Yoga or Yoke of religion, which means 'to bind'. Thus those who dwell under this influence learn self-control, and through such discipline have authority over those under their aegis. Fishes were seen as emblems of chastity, and the monastery and convent represented a fishpond rather than the open sea. . . In ancient times the constellation of Pisces was seen as a mighty Goddess with the tail of a fish, worshipped as Atargatis in Syria, Parthia, Rome, the Danube lands and in England.
"Companions, let us contemplate the constellation of Pisces! We see the pale form of the fishes, the North-Western fish's tail near Aries holding the place of the Spring Equinox. Above shines Andromeda and her Mother Cassiopeia. Flying near the Eastern fish is the glorious winged horse Pegasus! Below Pegasus, replenishing the sea of Heaven is Aquarius and below the fishes is Cetus the whale. When Dione with Her Son Cupid fled from Cetus, the Goddess was rescued by the Piscean fishes, who carried Her and Cupid to safety on their backs. For Venus is exalted in Pisces and none may harm Her who rules the starry sea! Behold the river Fluvius Eridanus flowing below Cetus, and to the East of the fishes rises the White Bull of the Sea, Taurus. Know that the constellation of Pisces brings dreams and fantasies and the sound of distant bells of forgotten lands below the sea. Let us surrender to the tideless sea and allow our souls to float at ease in contemplation of the Mystery of Pisces and Ceridwen. "  (Olivia Robertson, in "Sophia".)
(Shrine of Pisces, located in the Foundation Center Temple Sanctuary, photo by M. Quick (cropped), copyright reserved.)

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Shrines of the Zodiac

Fellowship of Isis Liturgy

February 16, 2015

First signs of Spring

First signs of Spring at the Foundation Center Castle.
(photo shared from: Huntington/Clonegal Castle, copyright Durdin-Robertson, all rights reserved)

February 13, 2015

The Heavenly Twins

Click on the link below to hear audio of Olivia Robertson:
(mp3/ 628 kb / 2:39 mins)
Audio transcript:
"We have entered the Divine Realm of the Heavenly Twins.  Colour and music are here in perfect accord and tell us mysteries. Symbols reveal themselves in their Divine Truth. Harken to the story of the Heavenly Twins. In Sirius, they are beautiful brother and sister Deities, with hair as black as space and bodies resplendent with White Light. But they hear the lamentations upon earth from all beings and from those especially who struggle to return to Deity, so the Twins themselves descend upon the earth.  But upon earth they are as dead, lying in trance, impenetrably concealed beneath shrouding veils. But to those who uncover their mystery they shine forth as stars! In their Realm are the twins Isis and Osiris, Ishtar and Tammuz, Astarte and Adonis, Maria and Emmanuel-Jesus, Buddha and Yasodhara, and Krishna and Rhada.  All Lovers united in Divinity. Such Divine Love, Agape, illumines all spheres, friends. Let us therefore seek for this Agape, Divine Love, which unites all love, both of Eros and Philia, friendship, and bring it back to earth so we may find Harmony. Let us enter the Realm of the Heavenly Twins, and like Isis and Osiris, find our True and other selves."

(The Heavenly Twins by Olivia Robertson, artwork and audio file copyright reserved.)

February 11, 2015

Chapel of Harmony

"When a shrine is awakened through its true keynote and colour, it begins as it were to hum like a well-tuned harp. It is the awareness of the devotee that brings about this transformation. For the Deities respond to those who knock. They answer. Those seekers who are ready for expansion of consciousness may ease the way to initiation. The Elemental Spirits, the Sidhe, Devis and Devas, will work in harmony with those who treat the elements with respect."  (Olivia Robertson, "Dea")

(Chapel of Harmony, Foundation Center Temple, photo by M. Quick, copyright reserved)

February 6, 2015

Fellowship of Isis Blessing Prayer

"In the Names of Isis and Osiris,
may all beings be Blessed:
Spirits and humans,
animals, birds, reptiles,
fishes, insects, plants,
rainforests, the Earth
and all Her sacred elements."

(FOI Prayer, and illustration of "The Above and the Below are One" by Olivia Robertson, copyrights reserved.)

February 1, 2015

Feb. Oracle: Goddess Ariadne

Art is both the Daughter of Nature and of Mind.
Unite these qualities and you will drink from the Cup of Creation.
This quote comes from this month's Oracle of the Month, featuring the Goddess Ariadne. You may read it in full and also listen to audio of Olivia Robertson giving the Oracle, by clicking on the link below:
(Photo of Olivia Robertson courtesy of Dennis Murphy of Logic Reality from the DVD "Olivia, Priestess of Isis".)